Fauci considering booster shots every FIVE months for all Americans… the spike protein assault never ends

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This article comes from “afinalwarning.com”

When Dr. Anthony Fauci first elbowed his way to the podium and took the national stage — tiptoeing and reaching up to the microphone — he had an air of authoritarianism about him, a persona of arrogance. When he spoke about separating people by six feet, and shutting down their lives — motioning for governments and corporations to follow suit — his fearful and controlling ways became evident, on display for all the world to see.

But not everyone saw this man for the abusive deceiver he truly is. The bioweapon being replicated in human cells through mRNA vaccination is based off the same gain-of-function virus research that Fauci was a part of, which he lied about for over a year. As Fauci continues to threaten basic civil liberties and body autonomy rights, he is looking for new ways to mandate these COVID shots. Now he wants to mandate boosters every FIVE months.

A cognitively impaired Joe Biden leaked the information during an Oval Office visit with Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett. When asked about COVID vaccine boosters, Biden said, “The question raised is should it be shorter than eight months? Should it be as little as five months? That’s being discussed. I spoke with Dr. Fauci this morning about that.”

The experimental two-shot protocol that has sickened hundreds of thousands of Americans and killed an unspecified number of people, is just the beginning of a medical holocaust, as a third booster shot is rolled out and a fourth and fifth shot are planned for 2022.

Fauci, the serial manipulator, is perpetuating a holocaust and ushering in a totalitarian hellscape

Locking people in their homes and convincing healthy people that they are dangerous is the superior LIE behind the covid-19 scandal. After governments seized upon this totalitarian power, entire populations were given a coercive ultimatum, that they “cannot go back to normal” until they are vaccinated. Dr. Fauci continues to blame the 90 million Americans who have declined these vaccines for all the ongoing medical problems that are actually caused by the vaccines, including neuro-inflammation, cardiovascular inflammation, blood clots, waning antibodies in the vaccinated and the mutant strains that are being spurred into existence due to the vaccine’s selective pressure.

When pressed by NPR about the “arc of the pandemic,” Fauci suggested that unvaccinated Americans are the reason why the “pandemic” never ends. Dr. Fauci continues to attack healthy and naturally-immune Americans for the health problems perpetuated by government lock downs, oxygen restriction, isolation, germaphobia mindsets, medical malpractice, public health oppression, censorship of treatments and vaccine fraud.

Fauci’s push for vaccine mandates is criminal

Fauci told NPR: “The Pentagon, colleges, universities and even major organizations of places of employment, large corporations may say, this is it. If you want to work for us, you’ve got to be vaccinated.” Fauci continues to cheer on “vaccine mandates.” However, there is no such thing as a “mandatory” vaccine. All medical interventions require CONSENT of the individual. That consent must be absent of coercion, duress, force, fraud, deceit and constraint. All these totalitarian forces are being used against people, and because of this, vaccine injuries are more common than ever. Mandatory vaccination and any threats of discrimination and segregation attached to it, are illegal, and Fauci must be held to account for promoting terrorism and segregation.

On CNN, Fauci mocked informed consent by praising vaccine mandates. He balked at an individual’s freedom to choose natural immunity over failed clot shots and continuous bioweapon injections. “Enough is enough,” Fauci said, “the time has come” for mandatory shots.

Fauci refers to healthy, naturally-immune Americans as “vaccine hesitant,” but there’s really no such thing as “vaccine hesitancy” when individuals have already made a choice. However, there is such a thing as “informed consent hesitancy.” When an employer, government official or medical provider hesitates to inform you of all risks from a needless medical intervention, and refuses to ask your consent for the medical procedure, they are the ones HESITANT to perform all their legal duties. Informed consent hesitancy occurs when an official is trying to mandate something (e.g. vaccination). The official refuses to provide information that could help you make an informed decision. These officials (like Fauci) remain hesitant to provide informed consent because:

  • They only want to promote propaganda to advance their agenda.
  • They are incentivized, bribed or pressured to maximize compliance to the experiment.
  • They refuse to admit they are wrong about the immune system and available treatments.
  • They want to blame innocent people to cover up for their own crimes.
  • They think they own your body.

Because spike protein “boosters” will soon be required every five months, everyone is considered “unvaccinated” again, no matter how many vaccines they took up until this point. If perpetual boosters are needed, the vaccines are a total failure, and everyone must face reality. It’s time to put Fauci in cuffs and let a jury weigh the evidence against him.

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