Fauci-run NIAID spends almost $500k to run cruel medical experiment on beagles

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A new report has revealed that the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) spent almost $500,000 in taxpayer money to experiment on dogs. The White Coat Waste Project (WCW) revealed in a report that the institute headed by Dr. Anthony Fauci used the money to conduct experiments on beagles with parasite-carrying flies. Documents obtained by WCW found that these were unnecessary as similar experiments were earlier performed on other animals.

WCW managed to get hold of the documents through a Freedom of Information Act request. Based on the documents, NIAID spent $424,000 to commission the study involving healthy beagles being intentionally infested with flies. The flies carried a parasite that caused lymphatic filariasis, a disease that also affects humans. Prior to the procedure, the beagles were given an experimental vaccine against the disease called LFGuard.

According to the documents, the University of Georgia Research Foundation received the money and was responsible for conducting the experiment. They also revealed that four animals given the vaccine “all vocalized in pain” when the vaccine was administered in December 2020. However, the same documents said such experiments were unnecessary as similar tests had already been performed on other animals.

“Experimenters admit this investigational drug ‘has been extensively tested and confirmed … in different animal models,’” WCW found. Mice, Mongolian gerbils and rhesus macaques had been subjects for the anti-lymphatic filariasis vaccine in earlier experiments.

The NIAID task order for the study said 28 beagles “were to be allowed to develop infections for three months before being euthanizes for blood collection,” The Daily Caller reported. While the study began in November 2020, the order stated that the dogs would be euthanized 196 days after the experiment began. The beagles would have been scheduled to be euthanized in June 2021, according to WCW. (Related: USDA caught murdering hundreds of kittens in “incineration ovens” as part of cruel medical experiments.)

The Daily Caller reached out to NIAID to verify if the beagles were indeed euthanized. It also reached out to the study’s principal author Dr. Andrew Moorhead of the University of Georgia (UGA). Both did not respond.

UGA meanwhile defended its use of beagles for research

In a statement, WCW Vice President Justin Goodman called for Fauci to be held accountable for the abusive animal experiments funded by tax dollars. “Fauci’s budget has ballooned to over $6 billion in taxpayer funding annually. [At] least half of [it] is being wasted on more questionable animal experimentation, like these deadly and unnecessary beagle tests and other maximum pain experiments. Fauci needs to be held accountable for this staggering waste and abuse overseas and right here at home.

However, UGA defended itself from WCW’s allegations in an emailed statement. It cited federal rules saying vaccines must be tested in two animal species before human clinical trials can be conducted. It added that when NIAID decided to fund the study, the agency determined that dogs were to be used. “According to researchers at the UGA College of Veterinary Medicine, beagles are the standard dog model used in this type of research,” the statement added.

It also defended the NIAID order to euthanize the beagles at the end of the experiment period. “Because there is currently no cure for this disease, unfortunately the animals that are part of this trial must be euthanized. We did not make the decision to use such animals in some of our research lightly,” the UGA statement said.

UGA Associate Vice President of Marketing and Communications Greg Trevor also defended the university’s study. He said the animal research for LFGuard, which was developed at another institution, would help protect against a disease that affects 120 million people. “Animal studies are highly regulated and there is a great deal of information available to the public,” Trevor said. (Related: Chinese researchers in Wuhan conduct experiments on MUTANT ANIMALS, infect them with engineered viruses.)

He also noted that the university followed a number of guidelines centering on the use of animals in scientific experiments. In particular, Trevor said UGA followed the humane standards of the Animal Welfare Act, the Public Health Service Policy on Human Care and Use of Laboratory Animals and the National Research Council Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals.

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