FBI now protecting child murderers by arresting whistleblowers who point them out

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This article comes from “citizens.news”

Are federal law enforcement agencies fighting crime or promoting it? According to veteran pro-life activist Randall Terry, the authorities are actually the bad guys.

Both the Department of Justice (DoJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) targeted pro-lifers, he says, who discovered and reported fetal remains outside a Washington, D.C., abortion clinic.

Instead of going after the criminal perpetrators who left the remains of murdered unborn children on the street, the DoJ and the FBI instead went after the whistleblowers who reported it.

“These people contacted local authorities and then suddenly the DoJ comes in with the FBI to arrest them,” Terry stated at an April 5 press conference.

“The indictment had come almost a month earlier. The DoJ under Trump was not prosecuting these cases. So somebody wanted to show their pro-abortion-bona fides at the Department of Justice and dug up a case that was two years old.”

While it cannot be said for certain that the arrests of the nine pro-life activists occurred because of their discovery of the murdered babies, Terry says that at the very least, the DoJ and the FBI fast-tracked them in retaliation for it.

“Probably the speed at which it happened – a month earlier is the indictment and then suddenly when these babies are found, I think somebody at the DOJ and the police coordinated,” Terry said. “That’s my gut. But I could be wrong.”

Murdering babies is virtuous in the new America

Pro-life activist Terrisa Bukovinac says that she and fellow pro-lifer Lauren Handy were the ones who discovered the fetal remains of about 115 aborted children on March 25 outside the Surgi-Clinic abortion facility in D.C.


“Upon arrival we saw a truck labeled Curtis Bay Medical Waste Services parked outside,” she revealed.

“We approached the driver who was about to load two large boxes with biohazard symbols onto his truck. We asked him if he knew what was in the boxes, and after he said no, we told him: ‘Dead babies.’”

Bukovinac says “the driver was visibly shaken” after that and “confirmed the boxes were from Washington-Surgi.” She added that herself and Handy were also given one of the boxes from the driver after Handy told him they planned to give the dead children inside a proper funeral and burial.

Since they were unable to find a pathologist or medical specialist to examine the bodies, Bukovinac and Handy decided to contact the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department as well as the Chief Medical Examiner’s Office through Steve Cooley, their legal counsel.

“It appears that some of the fetuses were the result of late term abortion(s) or possibly live birth abortions,” Cooley wrote in a March 29 letter.

“The purpose of this communication is to advise appropriate authorities of this situation and request an investigation and forensic examinations be undertaken as required by applicable law.”

The very next morning, Handy and eight other pro-life activists were arrested by the FBI for a pro-life rescue that took place at the same abortion clinic back on Oct. 22, 2020.

It turns out that this particular abortion mill is run by someone named Cesare Santangelo, who has an extensive history of medical malpractice.

“Remember, if it was 1942 or 1943 and a German photographer or videographer made it into Auschwitz or Dachau and took footage of what was happening in those facilities and did not show it, that photojournalist would be a collaborator with the Nazis and with the killers,” Terry says.

“And that is what has become of so much media in America today. Collaborators by hiding the truth. And it is repugnant, is an offense against God and a treachery against these victims.”

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