FBI whistleblower explains the dark “circular model” being used against J6 political prisoners…

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Trust in the FBI has never been so low, and for good reason. They’re crooked, and they don’t seem to care if you know about it or not.

(Article republished from Revolver.news)

Who can forget when they targeted Catholic Americans, treating them like domestic terrorists? Today on Capitol Hill, Senator Josh Hawley confronted disgraced FBI Director Christopher Wray about this deeply concerning issue.

Josh Hawley is fed up with Chris Wray:

“You said we do not go to priests and ask them about their parishioners. You said we do not. You didn’t say we haven’t. You didn’t say we won’t. You said we don’t. It turns out you do.” pic.twitter.com/UKuEVTYhjK

— Citizen Free Press (@CitizenFreePres) December 5, 2023

In addition, Senator Mike Lee went after Wray for stomping all over Americans’ constitutional rights:


“We have a Constitution, sir, and you must comply with it.”

WHOA. Senator @BasedMikeLee just went off on FBI Director Christopher Wray about the bureau violating Americans’ constitutional rightshttps://t.co/tJnHzJAA0a

— Kyle Becker (@kylenabecker) December 5, 2023

Americans are still reeling from the sketchy 2020 election, fearing that the FBI will once again interject themselves into the narrative, like they did with their involvement regarding the shameful coverup of Hunter’s laptop. Their concerns have proven valid, as President Trump is currently facing federal persecution, including unconstitutional raids at his home.

Wray still squirms when asked about it.

Christopher Wray squirms when asked about his role in the raid on President Trump’s Mar-A-Lago residence.pic.twitter.com/Kwzl643VGX

— Citizen Free Press (@CitizenFreePres) March 9, 2023

All of these developments and more have left many Americans disgusted with the FBI, as it often seems more like an extension of the ruling regime, resembling KGB enforcers rather than dedicated law enforcement officers.


A substantial majority of voters are concerned about FBI interference in a future presidential election, with a similar number saying the agency needs wide-ranging reform.

According to a new poll by Harvard CAPS-Harris, 70% of respondents said that they were either very or somewhat concerned about interference by the FBI and other intelligence agencies in elections. Further, 71% agreed that changes post-2016 had not done enough to prevent further interference and that “wide-ranging” reform was still required.

But as grim as we initially believed it to be, the reality is even more horrifying, particularly in the case of the January 6th political prisoners.

FBI whistleblower Kyle Seraphin recently joined Donald Trump Jr. to shed light on the bureau’s activities and tactics employed against January 6 political prisoners. Kyle refers to it as the “circular model,” likening it to the strategies used against known terrorists. This revelation exposes that the FBI is applying counter-terrorism methods to individuals who were mostly non-violent, law-abiding, patriotic Americans rightfully concerned about the integrity of a very sketchy national election.

His recent conversation with Don Jr. is a chilling revelation of what’s truly transpiring behind the scenes.

We knew the FBI abuses were bad

But somehow it’s even worse than we thought

How does it all work? Whistleblower @KyleSeraphin takes you behind the scenes step by step – and it will shock your conscience https://t.co/IzEfs6jkDf pic.twitter.com/7tbkJhrhGG

— Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) December 5, 2023

At this point, the FBI is deeply compromised, with a troubling history of misconduct and a lack of transparency. It seems like there’s too much corruption within its ranks and too many unresolved issues to salvage them. The entire bureau should either undergo a thorough overhaul or be replaced with something more accountable—something that hasn’t been politically weaponized by any party. Anything less than this would be a disservice to the American people.

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