Former Obama DHS official calls for government-sponsored VIOLENCE against Canadian truckers… because all governments eventually become the terrorists

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A former Department of Homeland Security official during Barack Obama’s regime has proven once again that the left, not the conservative right and certainly not supporters of President Donald Trump, are the real fascists.

As Canadian truckers were blocking an international bridge in an attempt to inflict enough economic pain on the government to force Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to reverse his petulant and ineffective COVID-19 vaccine mandate for drivers, so-called ‘democracy advocates’ like Harvard professor, CNN analyst and former Obama admin undersecretary of Homeland Security Juliette Kayyem were calling for violence against the peaceful protest.

“The convoy protest, applauded by right wing media as a ‘freedom protest,’ is an economic and security issue now. The Ambassador Bridge link constitutes 28% of annual trade movement between US and Canada,” tweeted Kayyem. “Slash the tires, empty gas tanks, arrest the drivers, and move the trucks.”

This fascist did not explain how the trucks would then be moved if all their tires were slashed and they were empty of fuel, but tyrants aren’t rational people anyway. Not only that, but Democrats, once upon a time, were all about ’empowering workers,’ but since they are all monumental hypocrites, it makes perfect sense that they would turn on workers who were not engaging in left-wing groupthink on every issue, especially coronavirus mandates (because deep down they are really just authoritarians).

Kayyem then doubled down on her tyranny: “Trust me, I will not run out of ways to make this hurt: cancel their insurance; suspend their drivers’ licenses; prohibit any future regulatory certification for truckers, etc. Have we learned nothing? These things fester when there are no consequences,” Kayyem tweeted.

Needless to say she was lambasted on social media.

“Can you elaborate on your brilliant plan to ‘move’ trucks with no tires and no gas off of a bridge?” conservative pundit Stephen L. Miller wrote.

“You’re a ‘professor,’ right? You’re advocating violence and property damage for peaceful protestors? Were you this outspoken when BLM and Antifa were torching businesses and killing people? That was an economic and security issue, too,” former GOP congressional candidate and carrier of the ‘nuclear football,’ Buzz Patterson, added.

“That’s the point of worker’s strikes, Herr Professor,” conservative writer Kyle Becker noted

“This is the most brilliant plan to be hatched at Harvard since the Vietnam War,” David Burge noted as well.

Another Twitter user posted a screengrab of a tweet from self-avowed “democratic socialist” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) who wrote in defense of the widespread BLM and Antifa rioting and looting in the wake of George Floyd’s death that the “point” of demonstrations was to make people “uncomfortable.”

Unless, of course, the leftist is made uncomfortable through protests. Then, tyrannical measures must be employed to end them.

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