French drug assessment center says all four Covid-19 vaccines are dangerous, should be pulled off the market

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The Centre territorial d’Information indépendante et d’Avis pharmaceutiques (CTIAP), a regional independent drug assessment center in France, has published a report showing that none of the four Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccinations” currently being administered are safe or effective because all of them received emergency use authorization (EUA) with insufficient clinical testing.

The jabs are all problematic because the manufacturing processes used are new, as are the excipients they contain, which a team of experts from the Cholet public hospital in the west of France say “should be considered as new active substances.”

Led by Dr. Catherine Frade, a pharmacist, the research team worked with public data released by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) in relation to the injections released by Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, AstraZeneca, and Janssen (Johnson & Johnson). All four of these injections only have temporary authorization based on perceived need, as opposed to approval based on clinical evidence of safety and efficacy.

All of the jabs are also still subject to studies that extend out to 2024 – three years from now – and beyond. Very little is known, at this point, about the long-term side effects of the injections, though we are seeing short-term side effects in the form of serious blood clots and death.

According to the CTIAP, all four Chinese Virus injections were released for public administration before “proof of quality for the active substance and the finished product” was verified. All of the labs where the jabs are produced also obtained future deadlines to submit associated studies.

What this means, of course, is that every person who takes a Wuhan Flu shot is a human guinea pig participating in a mass pharmaceutical experiment. How vaccine recipients fare moving forward remains to be seen.

In the coming months and years, the research team warns, “variabilities, which impact the very core of the product, could even invalidate any clinical trials conducted.”

“Prudence would even dictate that, in all countries where these vaccines against COVID-19 have been marketed, all the batches thus ‘released’ should be withdrawn immediately; and that these MAs that have been granted should be suspended, or even canceled, as a matter of urgency until further notice,” they say.

Branch Covidians are cult members with a death wish

This is a far cry from the messaging coming from the White House, Donald Trump, Anthony Fauci and pretty much the entirety of mainstream medicine and even religion here in the United States.

While other countries would seem to be taking a more precautionary approach with this new experimental medicine, the establishment here in America is pushing everyone to get injected as quickly as possible in order to bring about a “new normal.”

Very little is being said here about the experimental nature of this whole campaign. Almost nobody, save for those in the independent media, are even bothering to address the fact that Big Pharma’s Chinese Virus injections come with zero liability to their manufacturers – meaning if you get sick or die, there is no legal recourse.

This, combined with the fact that the jabs have never even undergone the normal testing and approval process, makes the whole thing a really bad bet in terms of public health. We expect a “third wave” of viral variants to result in mass death among the vaccinated. The only question is when this will happen, not if.

Be sure to check out the full report from the CTIAP to learn more about the dangers and ineffectiveness of Wuhan Flu shots.

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