Fully Jabbed Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante Collapses Mid-Speech

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From “thepeoplesvoice.tv”

The world’s media captured the moment on Tuesday when the mayor of Montreal, Canada, Valérie Plante, suddenly collapsed halfway through a press conference.

Plante was answering reporters’ questions at a news conference when she dramatically stopped mid-sentence, stared blankly, and then crashed onto the floor behind the podium.

Infowars.com reports: “The mayor of Montreal suffered discomfort during a press conference and, fortunately, she is out of danger. She will receive all the required medical support and thanks you for your support,” the mayor’s account declared in an X post following the incident.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was among several politicians who wished Plante a speedy recovery, and the mayor said she would reduce her daily activities as a preventative measure.

The mayor’s unexpected collapse is certainly reminiscent of the dozens of videos showing people, including many athletes and entertainers, suddenly passing out amid the Covid-19 vaccine rollout, with the jab suspected to be behind the alarming fainting spells.

But was Plante a recipient of a Covid jab?

Plante was a fierce proponent of the jab and publicly received at least two jabs on camera in efforts to show citizens the jab was safe.

Plante has evidently received at least three jabs, the first being AstraZeneca’s vaccine — which the governments of the Canadian provinces of Alberta and Ontario suspended in 2021 citing risks of blood clots.

For her second Covid-19 vaccine, she received a Pfizer jab.

While Plante received two jab doses in 2021 in April and June respectively, she later tested positive for Covid in December of that year.

Despite the prior two vaccines failing to stave off illness, she took a third injection the following month in January 2022.

Plante also required mandatory vaccines for elected officials in Montreal.

Could the several jabs the mayor received be behind her sudden fainting spell?

Will the mayor’s shocking public health scare wake her up to the dangers of the deadly Covid-19 jab?

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