Gates and Soros are teaming up to form a new org to bring more harmful vaccines to the third world for experimentation

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One of the stated objectives of virtually every government pushing the COVID-19 vaccine literally on every human being on the planet is the dilemma of getting shots to the poorest regions of the country: The third world, as it’s more commonly known, or the “Global South,” as it’s known in foreign policy circles.

Big Pharma is busy working day and night to manufacture vaccines for the first world — the globe’s richest companies who can afford to pay for them. But the third world doesn’t have that kind of capital laying around; it takes tens of billions (in profits) to generate hundreds of millions or even a few billion vaccine doses.

So what’s the Global South to do? Never fear: Two of the world’s biggest globalists, Microsoft founder Bill Gates and mega-leftist billionaire George Soros, the latter of whom is funding the campaigns of Marxist revolutionaries in America pretending to be “prosecutors” whose ‘no punishment’ policies are responsible for rising crime and murder rates, are coming to the rescue.

What will Gates and Soros get out of this? Control — oh, and a ready supply of guinea pigs who will ‘test’ their concoctions. But mostly, it’s for control (of those regions’ natural resources, which includes labor).

“A  group of philanthropic funds and investors led by the Soros Economic Development Fund (SEDF), with support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, is today announcing the launch of Global Access Health (GAH), a social enterprise that will seek to expand access to affordable state-of-the-art medical technology through decentralized research, development, and manufacturing in and for the Global South,” says a press release from Soros’ Open Societies Foundation.

“The group has financed the acquisition of Mologic Ltd, a world leading innovator in the development of lateral flow and rapid diagnostic technologies including tests that can help combat tropical diseases such as dengue, bilharzia, and river blindness, as well as for COVID-19,” the released continues.

Initial seed money for this project is a paltry $41 million — paltry, because between these two ‘gentlemen,’ there is about $300 billion in wealth.

The COVID-19 pandemic has painfully demonstrated the fundamental inequities in global public health, and in particular the crucial importance of access in low- and middle-income countries to low-price, high-quality life-saving diagnostic tools,” Sean Hinton, SEDF’s chief executive officer, said.

“In this unique transaction, philanthropic funds and investors are working together with a skilled and visionary management team in a truly innovative way to address at least one part of that failure by enabling a cutting edge commercial business to focus all its resources on solving one of the world’s most pressing public health issues,” he added.

Again, nothing is ‘free,’ these ‘philanthropists’ actions by Gates and Soros notwithstanding. They didn’t do ‘free’ when they were amassing their fortunes, and they don’t do ‘free’ now — everything comes with a price, and again, in this case, it’s control: Forcing COVID on a world that will summarily be controlled by whatever compound is contained within these vaccines. (And ask yourself why are they being pushed by literally every Western power center as ‘vital’ to ‘saving the world’ when this disease claims so few lives in global terms — it has a 99.5 percent survival rate, according to data.)

And here comes the experimental part and why Gates and Soros are directing this ‘humanitarian effort’ to the poor third world and not the more affluent, educated West.

“Testing, or diagnostics, are vital for everyday public health needs, to enable doctors and medical professionals to provide patients with proper treatment as early as possible,” said Roxana Bonnell, a public health expert at the Open Society Foundations, according to the press release. “As we have seen during the COVID-19 pandemic, access to testing is absolutely essential when it comes to containing the spread of contagious disease—an issue that ultimately affects us all.”

Testing also means collecting personal data. Personal data is then marketed and exploited. Again, nothing is ‘free.’

These people are diabolical.

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