GOP governors already lining up to push back on Biden administration’s new COVID mask ‘guidance’

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It seems like forever ago when Americans were first asked to shut down our businesses, close our schools, get off our streets, and stay inside for a couple of weeks to “bend the curve” of the emerging COVID-19 pandemic.

But really, it wasn’t all that long ago, a year in March.

And for a brief time earlier this summer, it appeared as though we were all set to get our lives back — to return to ‘normal’ and live with a waning viral outbreak that certainly took its toll on ours and the global population, thanks to the likely purposeful manufacturing of the virus by China and its ‘accidental’ release.

However, just like Democrats weaponized and politicized the virus to cheat and steal Donald Trump’s reelection last fall, the party is continuing to abuse us by attempting to reimplement the bad old early days of the pandemic because they are authoritarians and they like the control the virus affords them.

The Epoch Times reports:

On Tuesday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said that it would recommend masks for high-transmission areas for both vaccinated and unvaccinated people. The reason why, according to the CDC, is due to the Delta COVID-19 variant.

While CDC Director Rochelle Walensky noted that Americans are “tired and frustrated” by the pandemic, mask-wearing is needed in some areas. Several federal agencies and the White House have since mandated face coverings among employees.

Only, several red-state governors have made it clear they’re not interested in what Biden’s CDC has to say because nothing its health officials recommend is based on anything close to real science.

The CDC’s new guidance suggesting that vaccinated people wear masks indoors flies in the face of the public health goals that should guide the agency’s decision making,” GOP Gov. Pete Ricketts of Nebraska said in a statement after the CDC published its new ‘recommendations.’ “The State of Nebraska will not be adopting their mask guidance.”

“The CDC shifts their position AGAIN,” GOP South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem noted on Twitter. “South Dakota’s cases remain low. If you’re worried about the virus, you’re free to get vaccinated, wear a mask, or stay home. But we won’t be mandating anything. And the CDC’s inconsistency doesn’t help the American people.”

“The time for government mask mandates is over—now is the time for personal responsibility. In May, I signed an executive order prohibiting mask mandates by gov’t entities. Every Texan has the right to choose whether they will wear a mask or have their children wear masks,” Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas tweeted.

Meanwhile, Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds said the federal health agency’s latest update is “not grounded in reality or common sense.”

“I’m concerned that this guidance will be used as a vehicle to mandate masks in states and schools across the country, something I do not support,” Reynolds noted.

And Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey noted in a statement that “health officials in Arizona and across the country have made it clear that the best protection against COVID-19 is the vaccine.”

“Today’s announcement by the CDC will unfortunately only diminish confidence in the vaccine and create more challenges for public health officials—people who have worked tirelessly to increase vaccination rates,” his statement noted further.

Mind you, the regime is working overtime, along with virtually every other Democrat (and many Republican governors as well), to convince Americans to get a COVID vaccine. For months we were told that if we did, we would free, finally, of the insane coronavirus mandates like mask-wearing and social distancing.

But now, as the country approaches a point where most are vaccinated, here comes the authoritarians in the Democrat Party once again to undermine that effort; because if we have to mask, then obviously the vaccines don’t work, right?

Red states are the true bastions of freedom in America today. Blue states are little replicas of Communist China. Chose where you want to live accordingly.

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