Gov. DeSantis: Biden is trying to plunge people into destitution over vaccine mandates

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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) has taken aim at the Biden administration over its handling of the U.S. economy and coronavirus pandemic.

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On Friday, DeSantis derided Joe Biden’s energy polices, warning he’s veering away from making America energy independent. The Florida Republican said under President Donald Trump, America had a strong energy sector. But now, DeSantis said Biden is begging international organizations to lower the price of oil.

DeSantis also reaffirmed he would not back down in his fight against the Biden administration’s vaccine mandates. He claimed Biden’s mandate, particularly the provisions forcing Medicaid and Medicare-linked hospitals and employers of more than 100 people to jab their staff, is illegal and unconstitutional.

He added the mandate would likely affect most of Florida’s health care system and prompt mass walkouts and shortages to the health sector. DeSantis went on to tout Florida’s handling of the virus, stressing the Sunshine State is at a 52-day low in statistics across the board.

Additionally, DeSantis fired back at Biden for espousing lawmakers taking similar stances against mandates as divisive, however, DeSantis says Biden is the divisive one.

Gov. DeSantis emphasized now is not the time to force people out of their jobs because of the jab and said people should be able to choose whether to get vaccinated or not.

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