How is it that vaccines suddenly STOP WORKING when the unvaccinated come near the vaccinated?

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Vaccine manufacturers claim all their vaccines stop working when some people don’t get them, so imagine if blood pressure medication stopped working because other people didn’t take it. That would mean that anyone on heart medication would be at high risk to go out in public near anyone who wasn’t taking the same heart medication, because suddenly that medication doesn’t work when exposed to someone else who may or may not have heart problems, but who refused to take the medication.

Every person, including children, babies, and pregnant women, would need a prescription drug “passport” to prove they are on every medication that every other person is taking, or be listed on the “terrorist watch list,” a.k.a. the “no fly list.”

So now, EVERYBODY has to take something for it to work for ANYONE?

If you get the sense by now that the Covid vaccines aren’t really about immunity and health safety, that’s because the advice, coming from the FDA, CDC and WHO, is utterly convoluted and changes every week, regarding how many more boosters and variant shots the populace will need to stay “safe” from all things Covid.

It’s more than obvious to every person on planet Earth that children do NOT need Covid vaccines, and neither do teens and healthy young adults. Still, somehow, every vaccinated American believes that the “unvaccinated” are super-spreaders, like lepers, and must be injected with protein-nanoparticle-bioweapons in order to save the world, or at least the paranoid immuno-compromised “vaxxers.” We all must take the deadly experimental jabs in order for them to work, in other words.

Must we all take chemotherapy to prevent cancer infections too? Where are your chemotherapy papers, sir and ma’am? You cannot travel across state lines without proof you’re “protected” and protecting others from cancer by taking your chemo. Is that what’s next? Should the US government require blood thinner medication for everyone, because there’s a so-called virus (that no scientist on Earth can isolate) going around that thickens your blood? It’s really all that canola oil people eat and the Covid vaccines they’re being injected with right now that are causing all this blood clotting happening around the globe.

Covid-19 is no more deadly or contagious than seasonal influenza, so will mercury-laced flu shots be required for everyone?

According to the CDC, all vaccines are worthless if even just one person in the USA doesn’t get them. That one person, who may just have a head cold or the seasonal flu, could sneeze or cough on a plane, train or bus and exterminate every human on Earth within months.

While the CDC always claims every vaccine is “safe and effective,” thousands of people are dying from the Covid jabs, and new boosters are on the way. This simply doesn’t make any sense, and there’s ZERO science to back up the claims of safety and efficacy, unless you include the fake results posted by the vaccine manufacturers themselves.

Half of the US population are already walking around like zombies, loaded up on a handful of prescription medications and shot up with trillions of viral proteins that clog the blood and cause long-term vascular health detriment.

These walking zombies believe so much in vaccines that they also believe their vaccines are worthless when anyone comes near them that has not been vaccinated. These zombies also wear their bacteria-breeding masks everywhere, including indoors alone, in their car alone, while walking outside alone, and just for Leftist “solidarity” symbolism.

The media can convince these drugged-up hypochondriacs of just about anything using fear-based propaganda and fake science. Where does the madness end?

Let your fingers do the “walking” and click on for updates about the freaky globalists committing crimes against humanity with those spike-protein-bioweapons disguised as “vaccines.” The vaccinated sheeple ARE the experimental group in the largest depopulation experiment ever conducted.

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