How low will they go? White House partners with nine dating apps to push covid shots on young singles

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After attempting virtually every other trick in the book and failing, the Biden regime’s latest scheme to coerce Americans into getting “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) involves partnering up with dating apps like Tinder and Match to offer special perks to users who agree to get jabbed.

In addition to Tinder and Match, Hing, OKCupid, BLK, Chispa, Plenty of Fish, Bumble, and Badoo have all agreed to help fight “vaccine hesitancy” by offering free premium access and content to daters who show proof of vaccination through the apps.

Users who receive Chinese Virus injections will get special “boosts,” “super likes,” “stickers,” and other pointless things that will make them feel special as the spike proteins that have been inserted into their bodies eat away at their cells, DNA and brain tissue.

Injected users will also now be allowed to search for other injected users as the perfect match for a potential life partner – though hopefully all of them recognize that they should not expect to ever have any children in the future.

“Human connection is so vital for healthy lives – it’s why I am so committed to this business,” announced Shar Dubey, CEO of Match Group.

“We are honored to work with the White House on increasing vaccinations across America, which will allow people to once again meet in person and engage in meaningful ways. This will make dating safer for everyone, everywhere.”

Biden White House embraces extreme medical fascism to get people jabbed

Many of Match’s users are reportedly brainwashed into thinking that it is only safe to go on dates with other vaccinated people. To date someone with natural immunity would simply be too “dangerous.”

The same is true of OKCupid, where users who are, or plan to get, vaccinated receive 14 percent more matches than unvaccinated people. This is according to the White House, anyway, which has a dismal track record for honesty.

Hunter’s dad had previously formed partnerships with NASCAR, the NFL, MLB, various country music organizations, McDonald’s, Uber, Lyft, AT&T, Instacart, Target, Trader Joe’s Chobani yogurt, a slew of rural organizations, social media companies, and “minority” groups to have them all push Chinese Virus injections as well.

It would seem that the only thing the current White House occupants are focused on these days is needling every American at any cost. Whatever it takes to get those needles into people’s arms is on the table, reports indicate, because the Biden regime wants to keep everyone “safe.”

There is no sector of society that the Biden regime has not yet solicited to try to bribe Americans into getting injected. Whether it be cash, donuts, crawfish, beer, or Big Macs, every large corporation is seemingly on board with the “free stuff” agenda.

Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Xavier Becerra is especially proud of Beijing Biden’s McDonald’s partnership, which will utilize the power of McCafé coffee cups for spreading pro-injection propaganda.

“People will now be able to get trusted information about vaccines when they grab a cup of coffee or order a meal,” Becerra told the media excitedly.

As the Fourth of July holiday edges closer, the cohort of dating apps will begin running increasingly more advertisements for Chinese Virus injections on their platforms.

Users will be encouraged to celebrate their independence by rolling up their sleeves for an experimental shot from one of the four major pharmaceutical conglomerates whose vaccines were given emergency use authorization (EUA) by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) under Donald Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” program.

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