If masks are no longer needed in UK, why do they work in the USA? Does the virus know what continent it’s on?

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This article comes from “naturalnews.com”

 If masks and vaccines really work, then the virus would be done here, and everywhere already, entering the endemic phase. Somehow, Covid seems to hate America, maybe for claiming independence from the UK, and has now sided with the UK. This news comes on the heels of Boris Johnson announcing the END of nearly ALL Covid restrictions, including mask wearing, vaccination requirements, social distancing, lockdowns, shopping restrictions, you name it. So the question looms: HOW does the virus know not to infect UK people but the same virus knows to infect USA people? Answer: It’s a domestic biological terrorist regime working from the inside.

Give me liberty, or give me MASKS! Mask tyranny continues in the USA

In the UK, nearly 72 percent of the population is “fully vaccinated” for Covid, and in the USA we’re at 64 percent “fully vaccinated,” nearly the same, both a majority of the populace. We’ve all endured lockdowns, social distancing and the mask game LONG PAST any attempts at “flattening the curve,” or waiting for the big “vaccine rollout” that would end this scamdemic. Still, the War on Covid Terrorism goes on.

You don’t have to be an historian to know that the USA left the UK King and fought the Revolutionary War for freedom. Now the UK is free from masks while the USA forces mask tyranny on its own people, WORSE than the UK. In other words, we defeated the British King, but we forgot to eradicate tyranny domestically. Give me liberty, or give me MASKS!

The dreaded masks are driving people insane while trading off oxygen intake for deadly carbon dioxide intake –used air that has already been breathed in, processed, expended. The elites in charge are high on tyranny, saying to mask forever. The British taxed the tea heavily to see how much Americans would “tolerate,” as the CDC director describes when speaking about Americans tolerating Covid mandates and senseless constitution-wrecking, health-decimating rules, advice and “safety compliance.”


Endemic is the name for the END of a pandemic, as England lifts nearly ALL Covid restrictions, all of Europe soon to follow

The WHO’s director now says all of Europe is “moving towards an endgame scenario” thanks to Omicron. Despite all the new cases, which America is using to scare everyone into mask and vaccine compliance, the new cases are mostly mild, like a head cold, and they are the cure for the pandemic, it would appear. Enough with the masks and the vaccines; it’s ending, except where bureaucrats keep it alive for money. Remember, bureaucrat is defined as an official in government who is perceived as being concerned with procedural correctness at the expense of people’s needs. This is worth careful consideration.

The health system is no longer overwhelmed, as the fake news MSM would have us all believe. It’s just a bunch of psychotic mask-loving vaccinators who rush to get tested every other day and who think any cold or seasonal flu is sure to be the death of them.

Now, while the UK is a free country again, the USA is being controlled and manipulated by a Marxist Regime in Washington DC, where Big Pharma imposes deadly Covid mandates like masks and clot shots, and the pharma lobbyists are now running the whole scamdemic with globalist money.

Inflation is the new “tea tax,” and there’s a new revolution brewing. This time, the natural health advocates and the gun-and-land owners are rising up to reclaim the Republic. Consider this great awakening like Paul Revere’s famous ride except he’s yelling, “The Cult-Covidians are Coming!” You will not read about this in mainstream media. Stay tuned and stay frosty. Tune your internet to Censored.news for huge swaths of truth news that’s being censored from the rest of media as you read this.

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