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From “blacklistednews,com”

There would be hell to pay. Congress would demand the bombing of Moscow begin posthaste. The corporate propaganda media would have a field day. Brainless Russophobia would spread faster than covid. Russians would be gunned down on the streets of America.

And yet here is a former USG official, a man undoubtedly guilty of numerous war crimes, calling for the president of Russia to be assassinated. He threatened the people of Russia with retaliation for the supposed nuclear threats of their leadership. Putin said nukes may be used if Russia faces an existential threat. The media lies and says he will use “tactical” nukes in Ukraine if Russia begins to lose. There is no way Russia can “lose” in Ukraine, no matter what the turncoat Matt Drudge’s website says.

Not a ripple. Hardly anyone (in the corporate propaganda media that is) complained about how outrageous John Bolton’s remarks were. In the video, Bolton has all the composure of Jeffrey Dahmer during his trial for murder.

It’s rare these warmongers are called out. First and foremost, John Bolton—during the Bush administration, when he pretended to be ambassador to the United Nations (because few in Congress saw him as ambassadorial material, thus did not vote to confirm)—was a primary driving force behind the illegal and war crime-ridden invasion of Iraq (1.5 million people killed).

“People like Bolton, who don’t want any constraints on his power from the international rule of law, are just trying out for the role of people like Nazi generals Günther von Kluge and Gerd von Rundstedt, who led the assault on Poland,” writes Juan Cole.

Bolton is a staunch defender of racist Likudnik ethnic cleansers in Israel, thus a supporter of apartheid and the assassination of journalists, both serious crimes under the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. The 1973 United Nations International Convention on the Suppression and Punishment of the Crime of Apartheid has not been applied to Israel, clearly an apartheid state. Article 4 A (4) of the Third Geneva Convention and Article 79 of Additional Protocol I mention the protection of journalists.

“International law [the Fourth Geneva Convention] prohibits without exception, the extra-judicial killing and considers it as a grave violated of international humanitarian law, and human rights protocols,” writes Wasem Mawlana (“Assassination & International Human Law”).

Neocons like Bolton don’t believe in laws preventing them from attacking foreign countries and calling for the assassination of elected foreign leaders.

Bolton’s casual reference to murdering Vladimir Putin and warning the Russian people of the fate that awaits them (likely along the lines of what Bush did in Iraq and Obama and Trump did in Syria and Libya) is not featured in the headlines of the corporate war propaganda media. Instead, the reports focus on Biden’s idiotic reference to Armageddon, thus widening the political divide between Democrats and Republicans (while the state continues to push for WWIII).

It is truly disgusting the corporate media turns to “experts” and “former officials” of Bolton’s reprehensible caliber for discussion on what is evolving into WWII and nuclear annihilation.

Meanwhile, those exposing war crimes of the state are locked away and slowly tortured to death, as seems to be the case with Julian Assange.

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