It’s Your Duty!

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To every man or woman that has ever sworn an oath to the Constitution, listen up! It is far past the time of reconciliation with your fears. You have a sworn duty to do the right thing and stand up to these tyrannical overlords that sign your paycheck or pension.

Each and everyday, you should be in this information war shining the light of truth on these dark tyrants and their crimes! It doesn’t matter if it puts you in their crosshairs, because there are more of you than there are of them. If you all continue to look the other way your children’s and grandchildren’s future will be total enslavement!

Be brave like the recent FBI whistleblowers that came forward and did the noble thing.

Below is an episode from BARDS FM, a podcast that I truly love listening to. Listen to this episode named “It’s Your Duty” and listen with your soul and the love of Christ.

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