Jan. 6 protesters subjected to extreme TORTURE, starvation and deliberate malnutrition – raw sewage flows into jail cells while MOLD grows on cell walls

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Several of the “insurrectionists” who showed up to Washington, D.C., on January 6 to protest the illegitimate “election” of Joe Biden to the White House are now being treated like Guantanamo Bay terrorists in a horrifically substandard D.C. prison.

According to reports, Nathaniel DeGrave, a non-violent prisoner who merely walked into the open doors of the Capitol that day to document the situation for his podcast, faces extreme torture at the hands of the Biden regime in what sounds like a domestic gulag that was set up specifically for Trump supporters.

Even though DeGrave did nothing wrong and has not been convicted of any crime, he is being held in pretrial detention with no bail. There is also no court trial date set, which means DeGrave is being unlawfully imprisoned indefinitely.

“I understand that I write this letter at my own risk,” DeGrave explained in a public plea for help. “We are harshly disciplined for speaking out against the facility.”

For the past nine months, DeGrave and others who were seen at the protest and later captured have been rotting in what he describes as “D.C.’s Gitmo,” which he says is actually worse than Gitmo. (RELATED: FBI assets were behind the phony January 6 “insurrection.”)

“The conditions here for Jan. 6ers have been inhumane,” he further wrote. “In fact, some inmates are even begging to be transferred to GUANTANAMO BAY, where even THEY have more acceptable standards.”

ACLU joins class action lawsuits against D.C.’s Gitmo

One silver lining, DeGrave says, is that numerous class action lawsuits are being filed against the facility where he is being held.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is involved, as are Sens. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) and Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.), both of whom have attempted to gain access to the facility in order to “inspect the conditions.”

Thus far, nobody has been able to access it because Biden and his cronies are blocking all of their requests.

“The vile filth of what has become our daily life is being illegally HIDDEN from the members of OUR OWN CONGRESS.”

For the first 120 days at the facility, DeGrave and other “Jan. 6ers,” as he repeatedly calls them, experienced daily lockdowns lasting 23-24 hours. For maybe an hour at most, prisoners like himself were allowed to leave their tiny 120 sq. ft. cell.

“The PHYSICAL and MENTAL ANGUISH that results from this kind of SEVERE ISOLATION has caused many people to go on a RAPID mental decline,” he says.

Because of this, many of the prisoners are now addicted to anti-anxiety and anti-depressant pharmaceuticals, which is the only things they are allowed to access to help them cope with the psychological and mental abuse they are having to endure daily.

DeGrave and his fellow prison-mates are also forced to wear a Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) face mask inside the facility at all times. Facility workers also routinely confiscated privileged legal documents from inmates that contain highly sensitive discovery, including video evidence.

The facility is also filthy, which has spread illness and disease – oh, but at least everyone is wearing a mask.

“Some show signs of scurvy,” DeGrave wrote. “And some even have Covid-like symptoms, but medical personnel have refused to treat it.”

At least five times, raw sewage has overflowed in the unit, causing human fecal matter and urine to flood the floors and rooms. There is also mold growing on cell walls, and dirty water flows from the inmates’ sinks.


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