Jean-Pierre Flames Out When Confronted About Biden Family Corruption

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White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre stammered like Porky Pig when confronted by a reporter about Joe Biden’s involvement in Hunter Biden’s corrupt business dealings detailed in his infamous laptop.

“Can you address whether the President was involved in any of his son Hunter or his brother’s foreign business dealings?” a reporter asked her during a Friday press briefing.

Karine replied with mumbo jumbo: “So look, I, you know, um, there’s some, a little bit of, uh, interesting, uh, you know, kind of, on brand, uh, thinking here.”

“Because, um, you know, congressional Republicans, uh, ran, uh, saying that they were going to fight inflation. Uh, they said they were gonna make that a priority. They were very clear about that these past, uh, several months, and instead, what they’re doing is they’re focusing, uh — you know, they’re focusing — they’re making their top, top priority — they get the majority, and their top priority is actually not focusing on the American families but focusing on the President’s family,” she continued.

“Instead, what they’re doing is they’re focusing, uh, you know…they’re focusing– they’re making their top priority…they get the majority and their top priority is actually not focusing on the American families but focusing on the president’s family.”


This comes after House Republicans on Friday announced their intention to launch investigations into Joe Biden when they retake the majority in January.

The establishment is now scrambling to get ahead of the two-year old story now that Republicans are poised to uncover even more details about the corruption laid out in Hunter’s laptop.

For example, CBS News is now reporting on the Hunter laptop story as if they’re breaking it for the first time, when in 2020 they coordinated with other media outlets and Big Tech to discredit the bombshell story as “Russian disinformation.”

Watch the full WH press briefing:

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