J&J CEO says people will need annual covid vaccines to maintain “immunity”

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The head of Johnson & Johnson (J&J) is now claiming that the only way his company’s “vaccine” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) will remain effective is if people get it annually like a flu shot.

CEO Alex Gorsky stated to the media this week that at least for the next “several years,” annual Chinese Virus injections from J&J will need to be maintained in order to keep people “safe,” otherwise they might start testing “positive” again.

These so-called “booster shots,” he says, are the only way to help maintain “herd immunity” until scientists and politicians are able to develop new injections for the many disease “variants” that the mainstream media claims are spreading every day.

“We could be looking at this tagging along with the flu shot, likely over the next several years,” Gorsky is quoted as saying.

It is apparently not enough that the current batch of Chinese Flu shot recipients are having their skin peel off post-injection. Gorsky wants many more to experience the same deadly side effects in order to “stop the spread” of the plandemic.

Injected people are MORE likely to test positive for covid

Gorsky must have missed the latest preprint study from the Cleveland Clinic, which found that getting vaccinated for the Chinese Virus provides no protection against future reinfection.

People who previously encountered Chinese Germs and have not been injected are actually safer and better off than people who have gotten injected. Tony Fauci and the rest of the medical fascists were wrong, in other words.

At the same time, there is tons of money to be made from continually injecting people with deadly spike proteins, which is why Gorsky wants there to be a “seasonal” schedule for J&J’s experimental gene therapy syringe.

Unless people start saying no to these psychopaths, there is no limit to the number of injections they will come up with, as well as the number of times they say that people should get said injections.

If they can get away with injecting you annually, then they will likely bump that up to every six months. If people fall for that, then perhaps the system will advise that people get injected every three months, or every month, or maybe once a week for the Chinese Virus.

Heck, they might even come up with a schedule that involves injecting people daily for the Wuhan Flu, or even multiple times daily every time they enter the grocery store or go to the bank. The sky is the limit if people are willing to accept it.

Fortunately, our readers are not so stupid as to fall for such a scheme, but the same cannot necessarily be said about the general public. A shocking number of people have already shown an incredible willingness to permanently affix a piece of cloth to their face under the pretense that doing so keeps them “safe” from disease.

Many of these same people also seem to have no problem with the idea of forcing others to be medically raped with experimental chemicals dispensed out of a syringe if doing so makes themselves feel protected or virtuous. This is dangerous, uncharted territory at this point.

“Why does anyone listen to these greedy, wrong, shrill, killing monsters?” asked one commenter at The Defender, a publication of Children’s Health Defense.

“They are not just greedy. They are murderers,” responded another.

Others pointed out that the whole thing has been cult-like from the start, hence why many now refer to those who believe everything they are told by the media and politicians about the Chinese Virus as “Branch Covidians.”

The latest news about Chinese Virus vaccine lies can be found at ChemicalViolence.com.

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