JUNK SCIENCE: FBI agents LIED in courts for DECADES claiming a visual “hair match” was enough to convict people of rape or murder

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This article comes from “citizens.news”

Americans want to be able to trust the institutions of the country that help shape it and build it, but ironically many of those “agencies” and “organizations” only build corruption in America, and it’s been that way for many decades. A prime example is the leading law enforcement agency known as the Federal Bureau of Investigations. Recently, it has been uncovered that over two dozen agents were involved in giving flawed “forensic” testimony in trials that sentenced people to death using (faulty) hair examinations for evidence to get convictions. Over 90 percent of the FBI agents admitted to this, and more than 95 percent of the trials OVERSTATED forensic matches to help prosecutors put defendants in prison, some of whom were executed.

Justice Department formally acknowledges FBI fraud 26 agents committed using faulty “hair match” in over 250 criminal cases in 1980s and 1990s

In the largest post-conviction questioning of forensic evidence in history, 32 defendants were sentenced to death because their hair matched the faulty forensics that came back from the FBI’s private lab. The NACDL (National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers) and the Innocence Project are investigating the corruption.

This massive forensics scandal should be the nails in the coffin (pardon the pun) for all Americans realizing this agency does NOT represent the ideals of this country that our founding fathers put in place.

Now Americans should question other pattern-based forensic techniques that corrupt agencies can twist, bend and alter to fit their agendas, including bite-mark comparisons, DNA analysis and ‘junk science’ bullet markings. Sure, the technology is real and works in certain cases if done properly and reported correctly, but are these agencies able to manipulate the results or the findings to fit their narrative, and put people in prison or underground? Yes. Obviously they are able, and they just got caught red-handed.


FBI reported a “hair match” in over 2,500 cases — should they ALL be thrown out and prisoners released, if still alive?

Reviews of more than 340 cases have already been completed to check for corrupted testimony from FBI agents regarding a “hair match” that was often enough to put the criminal away. Another 2,000 cases have either not been addressed or prosecutors have not responded to requests for trial transcripts. Nobody is wondering why.

How many wrongful convictions are the FBI responsible for? Who can trust this agency with anything at all, if they’re capable of killing people with their lies? Is this how the DOJ, CDC and FDA function also? How deep does this go and for how long has it been happening, because this latest revelation accounts for two decades of FBI corruption. Is this just the tip of the iceberg? This is worth careful consideration.

State governments rely on examiners trained by the corrupt FBI and the courts let it happen, time and time again

Even if the prisoners that are still alive get exonerated, how long have they been behind bars unjustly, ten or twenty years? Thirty? Will there be reparations, like dissolving the systemically-corrupt FBI and allocating all of their funds to people they found guilty who were innocent? That could work. FBI has no comment so far. Fabricated and false evidence has been used to convict people. There must be consequences and agents must be held responsible. Ten people in Florida alone went to death row for murder and/or rape, based on an erroneous “hair match.”

Hair examiners lacked scientific standards and used erroneous methods for explaining ‘hair match’ results in court

Bottom line is there is NO accepted research to date on how many times hair from different people can appear the exact same. For more than twenty years, FBI labs have used “visual hair comparison” to rule in or rule out sources and suspects. Really? So they basically just looked at a piece of hair and said, yes, this is our guy.

The tools didn’t exist to do a hair match with any certainty so the FBI just made up the whole forensics basis and their agents simply lied in court. This happens all across the United States, by the way.

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