Klaus Schwab Sees Himself As A ‘God-Like Figure’… Will Run The World Economic Forum Until He Dies, Former Staffers Say

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From “100percentfedup.com”

Klaus Schwab, the controversial leader of the World Economic Forum, reportedly sees himself as a ‘god-like’ figure and runs the organization similar to how the Pope runs the Catholic Church, according to former aides who worked under him.

According to some people familiar with the Schwab, he may appoint one of his family members to run the organization after his death, comparing it to how a king passes down their power to their children.

Schwab is largely known as the mind behind the ‘Great Reset’, a controversial set of policies that would force austerity on western countries in an attempt to help the environment.

The WEF has also been a major proponent of Environmental, Social, Governance standards for corporations, also known as ESG standards.

The organization has been run by Schwab since its formation 51 years ago in 1971, when Schwab founded it at the age of 33.

A number of individuals involved with the World Economic Forum are reportedly discussing the NGO’s post-Klaus Schwab future as the organisation’s annual conference once again kicks off in Davos this week.

It comes as Schwab himself will turn 85 years old in March this year, prompting some close to the organisation to seek clarification on who will succeed the arch-globalist at the top of his organisation.

Unlike many other organisations throughout the world however, the issue of succession within the WEF is one solely in the leader’s hands, with the group’s charter listing Schwab as having the sole prerogative to choose his own successor.

According to a report by POLITICO, various individuals who used to or are currently working with the World Economic Forum do not believe that Schwab will provide clarity on the issue anytime soon, with the publication specifically citing critics who say Schwab rules the group like a king or pope, and that this succession question fits in with this style of leadership.

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