Know someone who caught a covid “variant?” Blame the vaccinated

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As people continue to get “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), more new “variants” are emerging for which Big Pharma is already planning to unleash new “vaccines” as the “cure.”

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla told Fox News the other day that his company has a system in place that is capable of turning around a new variant-specific jab every 45 days, generating an endless profit stream for the pharmaceutical giant.

“Every time a variant appears in the world, our scientists are getting their hands around it,” Bourla boasted. “And they are researching to see if this variant can escape the protection of our vaccine.”

According to Bourla, none of the existing known variants, including “delta,” are capable of escaping the Pfizer vaccine (note: this claim is not backed by any science).

Meanwhile, experts are warning that a constant churn of new injections for every new variant that pops up will only continue to create more and more variants.

This is great for making Big Pharma money, of course, but terrible for public health, which is being systematically destroyed in the name of “science.”

Every time a person gets jabbed with one of Donald “father of the vaccine” Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” injections, the likelihood of a mutation forming increases. This is why we are now seeing another “wave” of infections, particularly in the most highly vaccinated countries.

“There are clearly sources of information to suggest that once we start vaccination and we get more than 25 percent of the population vaccinated, we will allow one of the variants that’s in the background to emerge because it’s resistant to the vaccine,” warns Dr. Peter McCullough, who is board certified in internal medicine, cardiovascular diseases and clinical lipidology.

“That [theory] makes sense. Just like an antibiotic, once we get to a certain percentage of coverage with an antibiotic, we’ll allow a resistant bacteria to move forward.”

Getting “vaccinated” for covid puts everyone else in society at risk

McCullough continues to warn that the real “superspreaders” are those who have been jabbed and who are now walking disease factories shedding Chinese Germs onto everyone with whom they come into contact – including the unvaccinated.

Vaccinated people are a serious public health threat, in other words, and one that deserves much more attention amid growing calls for vaccine mandates. Getting vaccinated for covid, it turns out, is one of the most selfish and irresponsible things a person can do, based on the latest science.

Because the jabs cause antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE), they are fueling the mutation of new variants that are quickly filling up hospitals with sick and dying people. Were there no vaccines at all, the plandemic would have been long over by now.

“If we were to go back in time six months ago, we had about 14 strains or more in the United States – all relatively small proportions,” McCullough says.

“We had U.K., Brazilian and there was always some Delta, by the way – it was always in the background. And there was a paper by Niessen and colleagues from Boston and Rochester Minnesota, a great paper – over a million sequenced samples. They looked at vaccination rates all over, and the variant proportions, and they concluded that with more than 25% of the population vaccinated, you’ll encourage a dominant strain to move forward.”

Mass vaccination has essentially created a super-dominant strain of the Chinese Virus, and those who took the vaccines are even more susceptible to it than those who left their bodies and immune systems alone.

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