Labor Secretary backs away from enforcing covid jab mandate for truckers, realizing entire supply chain will collapse if truckers aren’t allowed to work

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 Since the entire trucking industry basically threatened to quit under duress, the Biden regime is now backing off some from trying to force Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” on the private sector as part of its post-plandemic “Build Back Better” (6uild 6ack 6etter) initiative.

This is how things appear, anyway, after Labor Secretary Marty Walsh told fake financial news giant CNBC that most truckers are actually exempt from the scheme.

“We’ve heard some pushback from truckers today,” Walsh stated. “The ironic thing is most truckers are not covered by this because they’re driving a truck, they’re in a cab, they’re by themselves, they wouldn’t be covered by this.”

This is not what the Biden regime had been signaling previously, though. The official plan was to force all businesses with 100 or more employees, regardless of individual employee interaction habits, to take the jabs.

With the economy already teetering at the point of no return, perhaps Biden’s people realized that allowing potentially hundreds of thousands of truckers to just walk off the job is not exactly going to do the supply chain any favors.

As of last Friday, all companies with 100 employees or more are supposed to only allow jab-compliant workers on the job. Everyone else must either submit a weekly “negative” test result or quit.

According to CNBC, affected businesses have until January 4 to ensure that all of their employees are “fully vaccinated,” meaning they have received the two, three, or possibly even four injections that the government says are necessary to stop the spread of Chinese Germs.

Air travel industry also collapsing due to Biden’s jab mandates

Another industry taking a huge hit from all this plandemic nonsense is air travel. Upwards of half of all workers at the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), we reported, were non-compliant just days before the mandate came into effect for them.

A cohort of Republican congressmen is attempting to combat that mandate, claiming that it threatens to leave already struggling airlines without any screeners to screen passengers.

All of this disruption to the economy, both nationally and globally, is completely unnecessary, by the way. The only reason it continues is because Biden and his treasonous crew are insisting that everyone roll up their sleeves against their will and take chemical injections that could kill them.

How we ever got to this point in the supposed “land of the free” is a sad testament to how far this country has fallen from what it once was. Perhaps that was the impetus behind the previous administration’s “Make America Great Again” slogan – because clearly this country is no longer great, especially not under these conditions.

Walsh did further specify that truckers and other logistics employees who work around other people or who drive with someone else will still be expected to take the jabs on command, or else face punishment from the regime.

Truck drivers who “work in teams (i.e., two people in a truck cab), or those who interact with people in buildings at their destinations or starting points” are included among those required by Biden to take the injections.

Last month, a representative from the American Trucking Associations warned the White House that trying to force truckers to get injected against their will would be disastrous for the economy.

“Given the nationwide shortage of truck drivers, it is vital that our industry has the relief it needs to keep critical goods moving, including food, fuel, medicine and the vaccine itself,” this person stated.

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