Leaked Pfizer Documents Confirm Vaccines DO Have “Adverse Health Effects”

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This article comes from “newspunch.com”

Newly leaked Pfizer documents confirm that the toxic COVID jabs have “adverse health effects” on humans.

Professor Normal Fenton recently obtained contract details between Pfizer and Slovenia.

Thegatewaypundit.com reports: It protects Pfizer from any claim of adverse effects (Emergency Use protocols) whilst the Slovenian government exposes Slovenia’s people to all adverse effects. There are no benchmarks for success or efficacy of lowering disease symptoms which was the sole critical endpoint of the clinical trials.

You would have thought that maybe a country would have “sneaked in” some metrics on the rates of transmission and infection or hospitalization and death, which, although not critical endpoints in the design of the critical trial, were certainly claimed by mouth bullies like Anthony Fauci, Stephen Colber, Rachel Maddow and Joe Biden in the US plus a cast of thousands of other politicians and medical “authorities” throughout the EU and British Commonwealth.

But no, nothing like that is in the contract. No care and no responsibility. No benchmarks, no proofs, nothing.

Slovenia has a population of around 2.1 million and you can find it if you travel halfway round the Adriatic coast, between Italy and Greece.

Here is a link to the Professor’s post.

The Professor highlights that there are four contracts Pfizer/BioNTech and the Republic of Slovenia and

“..the latest of these contracts (dated 28 Sept 2021) contains the following statement in Article 1 (it’s on page 17/25 of the scanned document) .. “The …State further acknowledges that the long-term effects and efficacy of the Vaccine are not currently known.””

The Professor goes on to say “While that may have been a reasonable statement to include in the December 2020 contract, it is curious that no update at all had been added by the end of September 2021 given all the data on hundreds of millions of doses that had been administered by then.”

The contract linked below looks to me to be adapted from a template drafted by the EU Commission to be used by all EU member states who, no doubt, were granted quotas determined by the EU Commission.

Here is a link to a scanned .pdf of the 25-page contract:

d76942_5af19ff7389d405585ae0c9db50eb306.pdf (usrfiles.com)

The number of doses for the four contracts totals around 924,000 – so enough for around 45% of the entire population. By mid-July 2021 (18 months into the pandemic) Slovenia had detected around 250,000 “cases” using RT-PCR testing (at 35-40 amplification cycles?). In the 15 months since mid-July 2021, detected “cases” have ballooned by almost 5 times to over 2.2 million. No doubt there are multiple detections per person. Deaths with C19 present as determined by the RT-PCR test were 2,500 at the end of 2020 and are now a little under 6,900.

Here is a little snippet that indicates that Pfizer is evolving each component of the “vaccine”, presumably advising all deviations from clinical trial dosages and regimens to each EU member state (and every other country that has taken Pfizer injections!

“The Participating Member State acknowledges that the Vaccine and materials related to the Vaccine, and their components and constituent materials are being rapidly developed due to the emergency circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic and will continue to be studied after provision of the Vaccine to the Participating Member States under the APA.”

“The Participating Member State further acknowledges that the long-term effects and efficacy of the Vaccine are not currently known and that there may be adverse effects from the Vaccine that are not currently known.”

Well, isn’t that, damningly, watertight!

Pfizer clearly states in the supply contract that the injections are not going to be the same as the clinical trial injections AND it has no clue as to long-term effects or efficacy AND there may be unknown adverse effects that are, presumably, ABOVE and BEYOND the adverse event rate of 24% in the injected group of 21,900 in the Pfizer phase 3 clinical trials v 6% in the 21,900 placebo group in those trials!

Pfizer is changing the injection from that used in the clinical trials, Pfizer has no idea if any (original or changed) injection works over the long term and states that the original or changed injection may be dangerous! In other words, the contract binds Slovenia to acknowledge “there’s much we at Pfizer don’t know about the risks of the original formulation or dosage of the injection or the risks around all the changes we have made to the injection since the clinical trials. Also, the original and revised injections may be highly poisonous – we at Pfizer have no idea”!

And the EU Commission drafted a contract of this sort for each member state to sign – as, no doubt, did every country outside the EU that took Pfizer’s toxic injections, including the US and UK.

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