Learn the History of Authorities Covering Up Pedophile Predators in Top Government Positions

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From “infowars.com”

The public knows this is not a new phenomenon.

People around the world are revolting against the globalist push of pedophilia.

During Tuesday’s live transmission of “The Alex Jones Show,” the eponymous host provided a background into the elite’s deep ties to pedophilia.

From Belgium’s disgusting pedo scandal to California child molesters being let out of jail in under a year, Jones dove into several stories highlighting the horrific times we’re currently in.

“This is all real, this is confirmed and it goes on and on… All these major institutions, all these major organizations, they know exactly what they’re doing and they’re recruiting people that will then get involved in this and they can put in positions of power.”

A similar tactic was used by the CIA in Afghanistan to control leaders selected to stay loyal to America, according to mainstream news.

Podcast host Alison Steinberg also joined “The Alex Jones Show” on Tuesday to share her take on the Balenciaga story and other top news.

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