Libertarian Party Calls For State & Local Governments To ‘Nullify The FBI’

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‘The supply of power and water to their facilities should be halted immediately,’ the party wrote.

America’s Libertarian Party published some fiery tweets on Friday, calling for the FBI to be dismantled with the help of state and local governments.

“It’s time to use the power of state and local government to #NullifyTheFBI,” the first post said. “State and local governments should withdraw all resources from the bureau and cease cooperation. The supply of power and water to their facilities should be halted immediately.”

The political party quoted James Madison who said federal overreach should be met with a “refusal to co-operate with officers of the union,” and states should “present obstructions which the federal government would hardly be willing to encounter.”

“No more Ruby Ridges. No more Wacos. No more COINTELPRO. America’s tolerance for the FBI’s thug-like tactics has run out. Taking our country back starts in our own neighborhoods,” the final post stated.

The party also deleted a tweet calling for state governments to “arrest and detain FBI agents intending to enforce unconstitutional, immoral, and unpopular laws.”

The bold remark was followed by a message saying, “All of this is perfectly legal and protected by Supreme Court precedent under the anti-commandeering doctrine (see: Printz v. United States).”

The FBI has long been controlled by globalist operatives and the recent raid of Donald Trump’s home has potentially removed the veil from the Deep State Swamp Creatures pulling the strings.

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