Lindsey Graham predicts widespread riots across America if Biden’s corrupt Justice Dept. indicts Trump

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There has been a great deal of speculation that Joe Biden’s handlers instructed the Justice Department to send the FBI to raid former President Donald Trump’s home in an effort to find some evidence of a crime — anything — so he can be charged and put on trial.

The deep state is so afraid of losing to him that they will do anything to stop him from running since they won’t be able to steal the next election like they did the 2020 contest.

Understanding that to be the case, then, the Washingtonian establishment is now plotting to take Trump out of the 2024 election picture by charging him with a crime, even if it’s a bogus charge and there has never been any real crime committed.

But if that were to happen, a leading Republican senator is predicting that all hell will break loose around the country much as it did following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

In an interview with fellow South Carolinian Trey Gowdy on Fox News, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R) said he believes there will be unrest and riots in the streets if the 45th president is charged with crimes following the FBI’s raid on his Mar-a-Lago estate earlier this month.

Per BizPac Review:

…Graham lamented how the politicized legal system has been weaponized against Trump (and others in his orbit), especially given the revelation from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg that the FBI  allegedly encouraged the platform to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story in the run-up to the 2020 presidential election because of Russian disinformation.

Graham also alluded to the reverberations from the unprecedented FBI raid on President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence that are still being felt, given that the FBI never deployed agents to Hillary Clinton’s home despite potential national security implications of the former U.S. secretary of state’s private email server.

“I’m just gonna get really to the bottom of all this. Most Republicans, including me, believes when it comes to Trump, there is no law. It’s all about getting him,” Graham told Gowdy, the latter a former GOP member of Congress.

“There is a double standard when it comes to Trump. What happened with Hunter Biden is that the FBI weighed in to make sure the story didn’t break before the 2020 election. We now have whistleblowers at the FBI telling Senator Chuck Grassley they were told to slow down and back off Hunter Biden,” he noted further.

“And I’ll say this, if there is a prosecution of Donald Trump for mishandling classified information after the Clinton debacle…there’ll be riots in the street,” Graham predicted.

Graham also ripped Democratic prosecutors in Fulton County, Ga., for trying to compel him to testify in another legal effort to ‘get Trump’ for allegedly trying to interfere in that state’s election results stemming from his alleged 2020 “loss.”

“If we let county prosecutors start calling senators and members of Congress as witnesses when they’re doing their job, they throw out of kilter our constitutional balance here. I’ve got good legal case. I’m gonna pursue it, but I just want to end on this note,” Graham said. “You love the law; I love the law. I’ve never been more worried about the law in politics as I am right now.

“How can you tell a conservative Republican that the system works when it comes to Trump? Look at what happened in Crossfire Hurricane,” he noted further in reference to the official name of the FBI’s ‘Russiagate’ probe into then-GOP nominee Trump.

“It was a joke of an investigation. People lied and manipulated the evidence. Look at what happened to Hunter Biden. They gave him a complete pass, apparently. And the social media outlets suppressed information that could have mattered,” Graham truthfully stated.

He then shifted back to Trump.

“And if they tried to prosecute President Trump for mishandling classified information after Hillary Clinton set up a server in her basement, there literally will be riots in the street. I worry about our country,” he told Gowdy.

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