Lunacy: States banning mask mandates over respect for civil rights could face lawsuits from Biden DOJ… for ‘civil rights violations’

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The Biden regime and Democrats, in general, are no longer hiding it: They are the party of rigid authoritarianism operating under a facade of ‘constitutionalism’ and they are hell-bent on imposing their will in a way our founders rebelled against when England’s king did it.

Red states around the country have had enough of COVID-19 Nazism and are lawfully passing measures aimed at banning the worst of the mandate infringements. They are allowed to do this under our Constitution because the Tenth Amendment gives them semi-autonomy.

In particular, states like Florida, Texas, and South Carolina have passed laws banning mask mandates in public schools — their public schools, since the federal government doesn’t operate local school districts.

But because Biden and his Marxist minions believe in top-down authoritarianism, they are threatening these states with legal action via the Justice Department, as reported by Just The News this week:

President Biden is ratcheting up opposition to Republican governors blocking COVID mask mandates in schools, putting in charge the Education Department, which is raising the possibility of using its civil rights arm to oppose such policies.

Biden on Wednesday ordered Education Secretary Miguel Cardona to “assess all available tools” that can be used against states that fail to protect students amid surging coronavirus cases.

“Some state governments have adopted policies and laws that interfere with the ability of schools and districts to keep our children safe during in-person learning,” wrote Biden in an executive order, adding that some states “have gone so far as to try to block school officials” from adopting ‘safety measures’ not limited to but including mask mandates.

By any stretch this is a state issue, not a federal issue; it is none of Joe Biden’s or Miguel Cardona’s business what states do with their schools.

Nevertheless, spurred on by Biden’s order, Cardona thinks he has the authority to use his department’s “civil rights” division to impose his will on state school districts in Florida, Texas, Iowa, and elsewhere mask mandates have been banned (mind you, masks haven’t been banned; just mandating them, thus empowering the parents of children to make the decision).

“The department has the authority to investigate any state educational agency whose policies or actions may infringe on the rights of every student to access public education equally,” he said in a statement, ridiculously claiming that banning mask mandates is somehow impeding “equal access” to education.

Just The News added: “The department can launch its own investigations into potential violations, and it also responds to civil rights complaints from parents and the public… The department’s Office for Civil Rights can issue sanctions including a total loss of federal education funding in cases of related violations.”

That’s okay; when President Trump’s Justice Department under then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions attempted to actually follow the law and withhold law enforcement funds from cities that are sanctuaries for illegal aliens, the cities sued and won because the funds were earmarked by Congress and therefore could not be arbitrarily cut off based on a political objective. That’s what will happen here, too, especially after all of the constitutionalist judges Trump put on the federal bench.

Meantime, Gov. Ron DeSantis ripped Biden after the ‘president’ focused on the issue of mask mandates for schools during a press conference this week instead of the collapsing situation in Afghanistan.

“You have all the stuff going on with Afghanistan – obviously all the stuff at the southern border … one of the biggest border disasters in the history of our country, inflation, gas prices, and what does he do?” DeSantis railed on Fox News‘s “Hannity.”

“He is obsessed with having the government force kindergartners to wear masks all day in school,” he added. “In Florida, we believe that that’s the parents’ decision. Joe Biden thinks the federal government should come in and overrule the parents and force these young kids to wear these masks.”

Biden and Democrats are tyrants and the people need to continue resisting, period.

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