Marine Veteran Takes Stand Against Newsom with ‘1776 Forever Free’ – Is Immediately Targeted by Deep State but He Wont Go Down Without a Fight

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This man has what is needed, in his heart, that ALL AMERICANS need to have. Listen to his answer, when asked what motivates him about what he is doing.

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On Saturday, at the ‘Revival Revolution Faith, Freedom and the Fight’ rally in Arizona, TGP’s Jordan Conradson sat down with Cordie “The Megaphone Marine” Williams.

They talked about Cordie’s “1776 Forever Free” organization, his motives, and future plans.

Conradson: Can you tell me about your group, ‘1776 Forever Free?’

Williams: I’m a doctor, I’m a father of two, I’m a former Marine and basically we did rallies up and down California. We had a video that went viral in due part because of you guys back about 15 months ago. After that video got about 17 million hits we started 1776 Forever free and started doing rallies up and down California with everything from voter integrity to voter fraud election stuff, trying to get Trump re-elected, recall Gavin Newsom, and then we took it national and started doing the same thing… Adolf Newsom got me a hit piece in Politico and Buzzfeed, and I had the Jewish Caucus of California come out against me… This past Sunday, we got another claim for a Christian 1st Amendment 1776 Forever Free Christmas party 3 days before Jesus’ birthday on the 25th. The board is now saying that they’re coming against me from a malpractice standpoint because I threw this party and because they saw on social media that the Governor’s mandate, not law was being violated against the Sleepy Joe Virus. 

Cordie now has a target on his back and he is being bombarded with lawsuits and malpractice claims after helping lead the fight to recall Gavin Newsom. 

Conradson: You’re putting yourself out there, you’re risking a lot. You gotta watch your back doing all this. What motivates you? What’s the reason you’re doing all this?

Williams: Well thanks for asking Jordan. You know I’m a 41-year-old guy. I got a 4-year-old and a 2-year-old and the thing that chokes me up every day is I think about, are they even going to recognize this country in 20 years? I mean if you can force people to do vaccines, if you can enforce that people have passports, if you can enforce that one group is glorified and the other group is ostracized and exiled… You see all this happening, and as a Marine I’m disgusted. And it’s like I said on stage today, Jordan. I was going to send my kids to college at some point. I’m not going to do that anymore. My kids are going to go to a Christian school, they’re going to go to the school of salvation through The Holy Bible, they’re going to go to the school of freedom through the constitution, then they’re going to go through the school of the second amendment through Glock and then they’re going to learn how to ride a horse and they’re going to learn how to communicate from stage. Because the battle is going to be fought and won by people taking the battle into their own hands and it’s going to be fought and won at the local level. So, I just don’t see another way. It may cost me my marriage, I pray it doesn’t, but I can’t sit home and act like everything’s normal and go watch a movie with my kids anymore.

Conradson: So you’re a veteran, you’re a chiropractor, you’re a pissed-off patriot. Do you have plans to run for office in the future? 

Williams: 100%. I’m going to get this foundation going and then I hope that I’ll turn it over to my very small, 6’7”, 330lb, executive director. He’s a very bashful, shy guy, very intimidated easily… The Holy Spirit’s got it on my mind that I should just go straight out of the gate and go for U.S. Senate. Some people think that’s crazy but I don’t know, everybody said that about a billionaire in 2014, and it kind of worked out good for him.

Williams is also working to provide constitutional classes and a campaign toolkit so that patriots can fill these vacant seats that Soros-funded Marxists are walking into. 

He was once a Marine but he has plans to serve his country again and run for U.S. Senate one day. 

Learn more about Cordie Williams and his movement at the link below!

Dr. Cordie Williams – The Megaphone Marine (

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