Media smear campaign against ivermectin timed to clear market for Pfizer’s new ivermectin-like clone drug, which will be hailed as a “miracle”

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 If you are wondering why ivermectin has dominated the mainstream news cycle recently, the answer is Pfizer, which is right now trying to pirate the drug in an attempt to create a new “blockbuster” cash cow.

On Monday, the pharmaceutical giant announced to the world that it is launching an “accelerated” Phase 2/3 trial for a “new” covid prophylactic pill that strangely enough sounds like ivermectin under a new name.

Pfizer says that its “new” drug for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) will act as a “potent protease inhibitor.” It just so happens that ivermectin does the exact same thing, which is why some are now jokingly calling this “new” drug “Pfizermectin.”

This is not to say that whatever drug ends up being commercially released by Pfizer will be exactly the same as ivermectin, just to be clear. Chances are it will be tweaked and tinkered with to be less effective than real ivermectin because the powers that be do not want people to actually stay protected against and heal from covid.

No, they would rather hijack certain elements from real ivermectin and use them to create a new, proprietary (patented) “medicine” that will likely cost orders of magnitude more than the real thing, generating a massive new profit stream for Pfizer.

Ivermectin, it is important to note, has already saved millions of lives in India, Brazil and elsewhere where it is available to the public. Since ivermectin is hard to come by in North America, very few people have been able to benefit from its use.

Why do Americans keep letting Big Pharma pull these kinds of stunts?

Some suspect that the new Pfizer drug, called “PF-07321332,” really is just ivermectin repackaged. The plan, they say, is to jack up the price sky high so only the rich can afford to use it.

After all, real ivermectin is dirt cheap, if only Americans could get politicians, Big Pharma and other terrorists out of the way from restricting its use.

“They have done this so they can make this drug more expensive than Ivermectin, despite the fact, they are the same drug,” joked one person on Twitter, emphasizing that this statement was meant to be sarcasm.

They say there is some truth to every joke, though, and perhaps this person is right. Perhaps Pfizer has stolen an inexpensive, off-patent drug and is repackaging it as its own to charge gobs more money for it.

In the world of the common man, this is called theft. But in the world of Big Pharma and Wall Street, it is apparently just another “too big to fail” act of capitalism, or whatever it is they are calling this irredeemably corrupt society these days.

What this all suggests is that very soon, Pfizer will be raking in the cash by selling “horse paste” under a different name. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will more than likely stop calling it that, and suddenly everyone will be saying that Pfizermectin is the “cure” for the plandemic.

It is all so predictable, at this point, if only more people took notice and actually cared. Big Pharma continues to rake the public over the coals, destroying lives while enriching itself at our expense – and we all just keep letting it happen.

“Moderna and their executives have already shown the world with their actions that they see COVID as ‘manna from heaven’ – to quote legendary defense attorney Johnny Cochran – a new ‘profit center’ that will keep shareholders in butter brickle, especially since the companies have quietly raised prices on their vaccines,” reports Zero Hedge.

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