Medical industrial complex makes children sick to keep the cash flowing

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The medical industrial complex in America is so sinister that one of their favorite cash cows is sick, disabled and dysfunctional children. They even make healthy children sick to keep the cash flowing.

Those babies that make it past the Democrat abortion machine (Planned Parenthood and any term abortions) are subjected per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention vaccine schedule to over 30 vaccines by age six.

And with the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) deadly spike protein jabs, add in another five to 10 vaccines during those years.

These experimental lab concoctions contain various elements of adjuvants, emulsifiers, preservatives, breeding cells and genetically modified viruses, that cause disorders and malfunctions of the immune system, cognitive functions, digestive tract, blood clots, cancers, and of course, autism.

Lockdowns damage children’s immune system

We’ll start this one off with the most absurd, non-science-proven theory of how to stave off a pandemic, and that’s lockdowns. Keeping babies, children, teens, and adults out of natural environments, away from others, and locked inside homes (that usually contain a host of toxins anyway) has never worked for preventing or subsiding pandemics. In fact, it’s just the opposite as it makes matters worse.

Lockdowns keep people’s immune system from functioning properly, without exposure to the elements, germs, bacteria and viruses, the human natural immune system becomes weaker, less able to build up antibodies to fight these off. Plus, most Americans were brainwashed into using antibacterial everything, and that kills all the good bacteria also. Go figure.


Add in the fact that the majority of Americans eat GMO food, processed food, high sugar food and lots of toxic oils (at home, school and work), their good gut bacteria (flora) is decimated too, further hampering their proper immune system.

Teachers are also informing parents and administrators that the lockdowns have damaged children developmentally, and that damage may be irreparable. From lack of social interactions to iced friendships, the isolationism turned out to be a huge failure across the board, not just pandemic-related, but education- and social development-related. Kids are literally thinking slower, and the younger ones (babies and toddlers) aren’t learning to talk at the usual age range.

Gender-bender drugs and irreversible body mutilations now popular among America‘s youth

Doctors, scientists, and parents across America are starting to wake up and realize that all this gender-fluid indoctrination is actual child abuse, leading to severe depression, anxiety and thoughts of suicide for thousands of people who dive in head first. Social media convinces all the kids that they don’t know which gender they are, that there is no such thing as gender, that men can have babies and get their period and women should cut off their breasts and take hormone pills to grow hair and talk deep like men.

The gender-bender drugs (hormones) can cause all kinds of cancer to develop, including tumors. The surgery to remove a penis can cause urination difficulties for life, completely wreck the libido for life and later cause the person severe bouts of depression that can lead to suicide.

Females who get their breasts sawed off and their clitoris enlarged can also run into major health problems that are irreversible. Their voice may change forever, and they may grow hair all over their face or other parts of their body where they did not even want it growing. It’s a horrible “trend” and lifestyle changes that nobody should be coerced or brainwashed into experimenting with. It’s all a big shame that the media, social media, Hollywood, Disney and even psychiatrists are behind the gender-fluid, gender-bending push. It’s perverted and insane.

Top four ways children incur developmental damage physically and mentally

1. Vaccines

2. Pandemic lockdowns (and oxygen-depriving flu masks)

3. Social Media Brainwashing

4. Gender-altering drugs and surgery

Bookmark to your favorite independent websites for updates on experimental “vaccines” that cause blood clots, myocarditis and severe, chronic inflammation.

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