MEDICAL TYRANNY: Breaking covid rules could land Aussies in prison for two years

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Victoria, Australia, Premier Dan Andrews has introduced two new bills that would punish any violation of the state’s Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “safety” restrictions with up to two years in prison.

Andrews recently presented the legislation to the state’s Parliament. The bills are called the Public Health and Wellbeing Amendment (Pandemic Management) Bill 2021 and the Emergency Powers (Emergency Powers) Safeguards Legislation Amendment Bill 2021.

If passed, the two pieces of legislation would allow Andrews to issue fines of $90,000 to all individuals who “intentionally and recklessly” violate his public health orders. Business violators would be fined $455,000 a pop.

Law enforcement would also be granted the authority to imprison for up to two years all Aussies who flout whatever Andrews tells them to do in order to keep them “safe” against the Fauci Flu.

The first bill previously mentioned would empower the Victorian state government to “restrict movement, to require the use of face coverings, or to require persons to be subject to detention or quarantine requirements.”

“The Pandemic Management bill’s stated purpose is to suppress ‘the most egregious pandemic-related behaviors’ and ‘body corporate entities [businesses] from non-compliance’ with heavy penalties when actions are determined to be ‘likely to cause a serious risk to the health of another individual,’” reported LifeSiteNews.

“It states, ‘The maximum penalty for an individual for this offence is 500 penalty units [exceeding $90,000] for a person or imprisonment up to 2 years. For a body corporate, the maximum penalty is the greater of either 2,500 penalty units [exceeding $454,000] or a fine of up to three times the assessed commercial benefit gained as a result of the non-compliance.’”

The real virus is government tyranny

As for what constitutes an “egregious” behavior under the legislation, the bills define this as any deliberate breaching of quarantine or detention requirements after testing “positive,” as well as engaging in “events” that have the potential to spread the virus to others.

The Pandemic Management bill also transfers more power into the hands of Andrews to make a “pandemic declaration” at whim. This would allow him to become a dictator whenever he feels like it using the excuse of “public safety.”

The Emergency Powers bill supplements this by granting even more power to Andrews to limit people’s movement, ban social and religious gatherings, shut down businesses, and force people into quarantine. (RELATED: Remember when Dan Andrews lied about there being Fauci Flu germs in sewage pipes in order to impose harsh lockdowns?)

In response to Andrews’ proposed legislation, Christopher Blanden QC, President of the Victorian Bar, called it “appalling.” He added that it “lacks the appropriate checks and balances to ensure the proper exercise of these powers.”

Under the guise of public health, Andrews’ two bills contain loads of “problematic provisions” that confer “very broad power on authorized officers without effective review or oversight, gathering police power to enter premises without a warrant, and abrogating privilege against self-incrimination.”

Ryan Smith, a Member of Parliament (MP), also blasted Andrews’ two bills, calling them a “draconian” power grab. Smith and other MPs have vowed to fight against this tyrannical encroachment to restore freedom to the people of Victoria.

“They were told last week there would be no more lockdowns, and one week later [here is] legislation that gives [the state government] draconian, unfettered, unshackled power to do it all over again,” Smith stated, noting that Victorians were just released from almost 250 days of lockdown.

“Well, I say to Victorians … the Liberal Party and the National Party will not stand for this. We will oppose this every step of the way, in this place [the Parliament] … and out on the streets!” he added.

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