Mike Adams tells Dr. Alan Keyes: Crash of global markets will cause social unrest, political uprisings around the world

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The Health Ranger Mike Adams told “Let’s Talk America” host Dr. Alan Keyes that the crash of global markets will lead to riots, social unrest and political uprisings around the world.

“They are crashing the global markets or the supply chain of oil, energy, food and fertilizer. This is all happening simultaneously because it’s interrelated. And this is happening on a global scale to the point where I’m anticipating not only food riots in the United States by the end of this year, but also social unrest and political uprisings among populations and dozens of nations around the world,” Adams said during the March 8 episode of “Let’s Talk America” on Brighteon.TV. (Related: Ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict pushing global economy closer to collapse.)

“We’re looking at an era of mass social unrest. And what ties all this together is that all of this has been done to our world deliberately. There was no reason for this to happen. We have plenty of resources for the world. We have plenty of ideas and creativity, humanity has all these capabilities. But we’re being harmed, we’re being put in harm’s way, the suffering and famine are now set in stone and they don’t have to happen.”

Adams, an award-winning investigative journalist and Brighteon.com founder, added that the rising costs of fuel, transportation and food are wiping out low income earners in America. He also said that the Biden administration would soon be purchasing oil from authoritarian regimes such as Venezuela and Iran following the ban on Russian oil products.


Keyes pointed out that the fear and harm being done to the American people was intentional.

“This is happening because the objective ultimately, even during the pandemic, is to harm the people of the United States, attack them in their character by creating an environment of fear that they hope will stampede people and so forth in preparation for the overthrow of our system of government of by and for the people,” said Keyes.

Russia faces famine conditions

Adams mentioned that Russia buys most of its seeds for potatoes and other crops from the U.S. and some Western European countries, and it will soon be gone because they can’t purchase those seeds due to the economic sanctions.

“Russia is going to have famine conditions in the crop yield reductions based on this coming spring planting season. And in addition to that, Ukraine, the breadbasket of Europe, will have virtually no planting season and no export capabilities because of the ports on the southern border of Ukraine. And remember that Russia and Ukraine together export about 25 percent of the world’s wheat or something close to that,” Adams said.

He added that there are other things happening in the markets. Adams noted that several billion people will not be able to avail of food at the prices they need in order to sustain their lives when the normal crops provided for a given season become substantially reduced.

The Brighteon.com founder also said government meddling in crop production has been going on for a long time and this is being done to maintain the price pressures for favorite producers by limiting the supply.

China taking farmlands in America

According to Adams, China wants to take America and occupy North America, including its farmland and resources. He said that China does not have the farmland to feed its own people so it desperately needs additional farmland.

The “Health Ranger Report” host added that China is waiting for the perfect opportunity to move forward on its long-term goal and that its Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) bioweapon was part of its plan to weaken America’s military forces and put a Chinese puppet in the Oval Office. He indicated that when America is weakened through international conflicts, the door will open for China to literally invade the United States.

Adams also pointed out that the Western banking system is destroying itself with the level of economic sanctions targeting Russia’s banking reserves. He added that when Russia’s reserves are confiscated by Western banks it sends a message to the entire world that the latter cannot be trusted anymore, and this could lead to the Western financial ecosystem destroying itself.

 Watch the full March 8 episode of “Let’s Talk America” with Dr. Alan Keyes below. “Let’s Talk America” airs Monday to Friday at 1-3 p.m. on Brighteon.TV.

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