Military Helicopter Plunges To Earth, Explodes in Alabama

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Nobody survived the Black Hawk helicopter crash, according to Huntsville Emergency Medical Services.

Security footage captured the harrowing moment a U.S. military helicopter crashed after free falling hundreds of feet in Huntsville, Alabama on Wednesday.

A U.S. Army UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter is seen plunging straight down to earth from a high altitude followed by an ominous plume of black smoke.

Emergency responders are on the scene of the crash that happened around Highway 53.

Don Webster of Huntsville Emergency Medical Services confirmed that nobody survived the crash. The FAA didn’t elaborate on the details of the crash.

Black Hawk helicopters typically carry 11 to 15 combat troops.

Redstone Arsenal, Madison County’s army post, issued a statement saying the helicopter was not one of its assets:

“Redstone Arsenal leaders are aware of reports of a helicopter incident near Highway 53 in Huntsville. First responders are on scene, and Redstone Arsenal is in full support of local authorities in their active investigation. Initial investigations have determined that the incident is not connected to Redstone Arsenal assets, and we will continue to support community authorities as the situation develops.”

This military accident comes amid a spate of industrial accidents and crashes.

A truck carrying hazardous materials overturned on an Arizona highway Tuesday, prompting shelter-in-place orders for a mile radius.

A week before, a train carrying deadly chemicals derailed in East Palestine, Ohio, prompting authorities to execute a controlled burn of vinyl chloride, raising concerns of a looming ecological disaster.

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