MILITARY OP: Pentagon was in control of COVID-19 pandemic program right from the start

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The Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic program was controlled by the Department of Defense (DoD) right from the start, according to Clayton Morris of Redacted News.

“The Pentagon controlled the COVID-19 program from the very beginning. Everything we were told was political theater, basically, to cover it up – right down to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) vaccine approval process,” Morris said. “It was all theater, and that means human beings were used as props, essentially.”

Citing newly obtained documents, Morris argued that the Defense Department used a combination of shady government edicts such as the PREP Act and the emergency use authorization (EUA) to shield Big Pharma and government agencies from any liability. The documents were obtained by medical technology start-up executive turned whistleblower Alexandra “Sasha” Latypova, who joined Morris on his podcast.

She recounted to Morris her shock upon discovering that the COVID-19 injections did not comply with good manufacturing practices. “I later confirmed that through regulatory documents,” she continued.

Latypova also mentioned that each lot of the COVID-19 vaccines had an extreme variability of adverse events and deaths. That was strange because high-quality pharmaceuticals must be manufactured very consistently, with no variation lot-to-lot in terms of toxicities or any other performance characteristics, she noted.

The final piece of the puzzle, according to Latypova, appeared when she was able to see all the DoD’s contracts – numbering around 400 for COVID countermeasures alone, including the vaccines. She managed to have a copy of these documents thanks to Freedom of Information Act requests and disclosures by the Securities and Exchange Commission. (Related: Sasha Latypova: Pentagon oversees COVID-19 vaccine weaponization, regulators are simply paid actors.)

Pentagon colluded with MSM, Big Pharma

The whistleblower pointed out that the Pentagon used “very shady contracting practices” and other laws enacted pre-pandemic to “shield pharmaceutical companies to not conduct proper clinical trials [and] to do a lot of fraudulent outside manipulations of public perception.” This, she added, was done in collusion with the mainstream media and pharmaceutical firms.

“As a result, we have this theatrical performance called clinical trials – but they were actually not real. They did not base [them] on the laws that are used here and invoked in [the] process.”

Morris agreed with his guest, saying that the use of human beings as props for the fraudulent clinical trials – in a bid to assure people of the vaccines’ supposed “safety” – topped the list of the Pentagon’s theatrics. He cited the example of a perfectly healthy 13-year-old girl who experienced various adverse events after being injected with the COVID-19 vaccine during a clinical trial.

Latypova pointed out that the participants of the clinical trial, most of the investigators and FDA employees were all deceived because the scam was driven from the top. Only a few high-ranking officials of the federal government and their legal counsels know the truth, she added.

Moreover, she pointed out that Cures Act – first drafted during the Obama administration and then later signed in 2016 – amended the requirements for informed consent. Under this rule, the subjects no longer need to be informed of what was going on if it was deemed not in their best interest. One example Latypova cited was the use of the EUA to approve vaccines using the premise of a “public health emergency.”

“They don’t have to inform the subjects what it is. They can use a lot of secrecy. They don’t have to run clinical trials. They are not required because these products cannot be investigational products, that is what the law says,” she stated.

“If they cannot be investigational products, then we don’t have any investigation. We don’t have any clinical trials. So that’s how they are pulling this off.”

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Watch the full interview between Clayton Morris and Sasha Latypova about the DoD and the COVID-19 vaccines below.

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