Mr. T Gets ‘Updated’ Covid-19 Shot

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(Your childhood heroes will always let you down….)

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American television icon Mr. T, AKA Laurence Tureaud, filmed a video for social media showing him getting the latest “updated” Covid-19 shot and urging fellow citizens to take the jab.

“Hey everybody, It’s Mr. T. I’m about to get my Covid vaccine booster shot,” the former A-Team star said in a video posted to X on Thursday.

“I’m in my Skechers. Yes, I do everything in Skechers. I get healthy in Skechers, you heard me?”

The classic TV icon goes on to demand, “Get your vaccination booster,” and growls.

The video then cuts to a nurse administering Tureaud’s Covid jab.

In a caption to the post, Tureaud indicated he received both his Covid jab and his flu shot, saying, “Thank GOD, thank GOD! I just got my Flu shot and COVID-19 Booster Vaccine!”

“I feel great, thanks again to all the Doctors and Nurses on the front line!” he added, alongside the hashtags, “#stayinghealthy” and “#IPityTheFool.”

Mr. T appears to be one of the latest celebrities enlisted by the medical establishment to promote their new dual jab campaign urging Americans to take both the flu vaccine and the Covid jab at the same time heading into the winter flu season.

Last week, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce came under fire after starring in a pro-Covid vaccine ad for Big Pharma giant Pfizer, in which he also encouraged Americans to take “two jabs at once.”

The timing of the celebrity endorsements suggests the medical industrial complex has put out a casting call for shills to promote pro-vaccine propaganda just as the FDA approved Pfizer’s latest jab earlier this month.

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