Neil Young Censors The Free World

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Neil Young is a New World Order tool.

What kind of a-hole writes a song called, “Keep on Rockin in the Free World” and proceeds to become the loathsome antithesis of the song?

But there is more to Neil Young’s sociopathic behavior deeming Joe Rogan’s exploration of Covid Vaccine truth as misinformation than meets the eye.

Neil Young sold 50% of his publishing to Hipgnosis Songs Fund worth a reported $150 million.

Hipgnosis merged with BlackStone an investment management fund with 600 billion in assets.

BlackStone is taking a big gamble on RNA technology and life sciences. Rivaling Pfizer and Moderna.

In a word, Neil Young is a sellout to technology that could potentially outperform and kill more than big pharma.

Simply put Neil Young is a selfish loathsome asshole who is now imploring the employees at Spotify to quit over Joe Rogan’s successful platform combating Baby Boomer propaganda.

A self-serving ploy that ultimately satiates Young’s legendary massive ego. David Crosby described Neil Young as “probably the most self-centered, self-obsessed, selfish person I know.”

And as more Boomer rock stars sell out to the New World Order.

Will any of them actually take the time to listen to the crucial documented urgent warnings from experts they are dismissing as misinformation?

Warnings that could save millions of lives?

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