New Report Shows Joe Biden Is Enraged That He Is Polling Below Trump… He’s Afraid Of Being Compared To This Democratic President

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A new report by Politico indicates that President Joe Biden is growing increasingly frustrated at his poor polling numbers and his administration’s mishandling of crises like the baby formula shortage.

The report indicates that Biden was not properly briefed about the baby formula shortage, where he saw negative news coverage about his administration unfolding in real time.

Biden seemed particularly angry that he was polling lower than Donald Trump.

Some polls show Trump leading Biden by as much as 6 percent, which would likely result in a crushing electoral college defeat for Biden.

Biden expressed fears that he would be compared to one-term Democratic President Jimmy Carter.  Carter failed to get a second term in office due to skyrocketing inflation and perceived weakness in foreign policy.  Biden faces many of the same issues.

“President Joe Biden has repeatedly complained to aides that he is less popular to Donald Trump and expressed frustration that he was not briefed properly on the baby formula crisis, according to officials and allies.

In a White House filled with complaints that it is failing to get its message to voters, a new report reveals that biggest source of concern is the president himself.

The result is plunging morale amid fears that a string of crises is painting him as the worst Democratic president since Jimmy Carter’s calamitous time in office.

Sources told Politico that Biden recently erupted about the way he was not kept up to speed about the enormity of the baby formula shortage that gripped much of the country.

He made his feelings clear in phone calls to allies after seeing cable news coverage of young mothers in tears as they described how they worried they could not feed their children. “

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