Newly Unearthed Emails From 2020 Prove That COVID PCR Testing Is a WEF Scam

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Unearthed emails reveal that the PCR tests used during the Covid pandemic were nothing more than a WEF scam pushed by global elites.

According to Prof. Martin Neil, he received anonymous emails in September 2020 that expose the fraudulent nature of PCR tests, which were never intended to detect viruses. “Some of the [test] sequences are found in the human genome itself,” reads one of the emails.

Moreover, the cycling threshold of PCR testing kits was almost uniformly set too high, causing many false positives. The kits were also never approved or certified for such testing in the first place.

Dr. Christian Drosten, credited with inventing the screening system for Covid, used gene sequencing in his blueprint Covid testing system, which was spread worldwide. However, he never isolated the virus nor had access to it. “Instead, he downloaded the virus RNA sequence from a Chinese database,” explains reports. “Drosten subsequently created the first commercially available RT-PCR screening kit based on this genome.”

The anonymous emails detail that some primer sequences come from the human genome itself while other portions of it come from an unknown source in seawater. This means that Covid testing was fake, and the virus appears to have been fake as well. The entire thing was a psy-op to instill fear, paranoia, and obedience to the government.

The truth is that there is no novel and deadly coronavirus, and there never was, based on this smoking gun evidence. Roughly two-and-a-half years ago, when Neil first received these emails, it would have been an excellent time to tell the world about them, but nobody did. Instead, the powers that be kept it under wraps and continued pushing their fraudulent virus testing scam. Governments fearmongered about new “waves” of the virus and new “variants” that the tests were supposedly detecting, even though none of the variants have ever been isolated.

Furthermore, the laboratories assessing Covid test results abandoned the standard World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines for identifying a positive test result. “This evidence again pointed to the cross-reactivity and non-specificity of the PCR test,” writes Rhoda Wilson for The Exposé about what the emails revealed. “It looked to be designed to pick up, well, anything that you might want it to detect.”

The tests were likely just picking up the seasonal sniffles, which were then used to scare and coerce people into getting “vaccinated,” which was the plan all along. Keep in mind that the common cold is a coronavirus.

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