Nurse fired for not getting COVID-19 vaccine speaks about REAL situation in hospitals

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Former Valley Health System nurse Brad McDowell discusses in an interview the contrasts between what’s really happening in healthcare systems and the stories that the mainstream media has been telling the public about the pandemic.

“The narrative that we’re being told didn’t really line up with reality. Most people of working age aren’t of a risk [for contracting COVID],” he says.

McDowell is wary of the vaccines, which have been touted by the media and public health officials as “safe and effective.” He has been fired for not taking a Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine after his religious exemption was denied.

COVID-19 vaccines have been linked to millions of injuries and tens of thousands of deaths worldwide. As per the World Health Organization (WHO) database for logging adverse effects of vaccines, the vaccine have been linked to over 2 million adverse effects in 2021 alone.

The WHO data has shown that people aged 18 to 44 are the group with the highest reported injuries related to COVID-19 vaccine, whereas the risk of them dying from the disease itself is close to zero.

European Union data has also shown that the abortion-tainted vaccines have been linked to over 20,000 deaths in Europe, with over 1 million serious injuries reported since the beginning of the vaccine rollout as well.

The Pfizer vaccine has caused nearly 23,000 blood disorders and over 148,000 nervous system disorders. There are also more than 900 adverse events related to pregnancy and other perinatal conditions.

The effectivity of the vaccine is not the only thing that healthcare systems have been lying about. Jim Hale from Life Site says that the health worker shortages, which officials claimed were due to the stress on the system created by the virus, is really just a symptom of strict vaccine mandates. Many of them have tendered their resignations and even more have been fired for not getting vaccinated.

Worker shortage, not bed shortage

There have been reports about overwhelmed hospitals that no longer have beds to offer, putting critically ill COVID-19 patients on planes, helicopters and ambulances to send them to far-flung states for treatment. The surge of the delta variant earlier this year have pushed hospitals to the brink as they struggle to find beds for patients.

However, this narrative may not necessarily be true. McDowell says that there is actually no shortage of beds at Valley Health, but they can’t open a bed if they don’t have a nurse and a tech to staff.

“There are beds closed, and they’re saying they’re at capacity, but it’s not because there’s not enough beds,” he says. (Related: Australian nurse says country on the brink of collapse due to understaffed and overworked healthcare workers.)

McDowell’s request for religious exemption has been denied despite the hospital’s worker shortage. He has also said that he cannot reconcile the claims made by the health system about the vaccine mandates being for the health and safety of patients, when it is their mandate that caused inability to care for those who needed treatment in the first place.

McDowell says that the ones pushing the vaccines are the ones who benefit most from it, such as the political and media elite, the CDC and the pharmaceutical industries.

The same “bed shortage” is happening all over the U.S., with the husband of a former nurse in upstate New York saying that shortage of employees led to the closure of the entire maternity ward at the hospital.

There are over 94,000 healthcare workers facing termination in New York as a result of the statewide vaccination mandate, leaving many to question whether or not the mandates are really put in place for health reasons.

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