Nurse That Passed Out, Possibly Dead…

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The nurse that got the COVID19 vaccine and then passed out right afterwards could be dead.

NURSE TIFFANY PONTES DOVER gets Pfizer mRNA Vaccine live on TV on Dec. 17, 2020. She becomes dizzy and faints within 17 minutes of the injection, then “likely” dies during the night while sleeping. She was a mother of two, in great health, and only 30 years old. Anyone with Common Sense knows that she would have been paraded onto a local news channel to debunk the rumors of death. People are looking high and low for PROOF OF LIFE on Dec. 18th or later. If she is dead, this can’t happen. She was being found on the Death Records Search, but no longer. They can shut down the Death Records Search Engine which is what the government, Medical Mafia, and Big Pharma have done. They can also sick the fake “fact checkers” that are paid by Soros and Gates, and have Big Tech block and delete Truther information off all the biggest social media sites which is also what is being done. Like any other False Flag Event, the government will now search for a lookalike, push older photos or videos, do a video manipulation, if the story will not die down. They will also pay crisis actors to say that she is fine by making internet posts. Truthers will see all the signs of a Government Conspiracy Theory, the Sheeple will say the MSM said she is fine so they will line up to get their own mRNA dosage, and the DEMONrat Globalists will cover-up, deflect, and move on. The script being read by MSM is obviously a SCRIPT, just like the entire PLANdemic/SCAMdemic is a SCRIPT being followed and played out by most World Governments. Any UNBIASED Doctors, Nurses, and other Medical Personnel that are coming out and telling the TRUTH will keep being discredited, ridiculed, publicly shamed, blocked, deleted, gaslighted, fined, fired, and even murdered. I really don’t know what it is going to take to Wake Up a majority of The Walking Dead, we are all surrounded by them. The BURDEN OF PROOF BEYOND A SHADOW OF DOUBT that she is alive and well is all on the Medical Mafia, Big Pharma, Big Tech, Pfizer, Mainstream Media News, and the Government. They would have done so the very next day IF THEY COULD, you know it, and I know it. METHODS OF DECEIT take time, but a Truthful debunking could have and would have occurred the very next day.

It is now a week later, and she has still not made a live public appearance on any later dates. Use your brains and NEVER FORGET that Some Truth Can Be Found In Hollywood Movies, but “NO TRUTH Can Be Found In Mainstream Media News“. Repeat this statement ever 15 minutes while being “brainwashed” by MSM, or better yet, STOP WATCHING Mainstream Media News and try to become CONSCIOUS. Also, if you aren’t yet awake to the False Flag Events, the Fake War on Terror, and Crisis Actors, then I am confident you will not research this topic either.

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