NUTS: Biden Energy Secretary Jen Granholm suggests the condo collapse in Florida was due to “climate change”

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 Leftists have been trying to scare Americans into giving the government supreme power over our lives for six decades at least, and they’ve come up with some of the dumbest arguments to ‘make their case.’

In the 1960s, the big scare was “overpopulation.” It spread throughout academia and of course the pop culture. Even comedy shows of the era like “Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In” regularly dealt with the claim that, in just a few years, there would be too many people for the planet to sustain, so we had to stop having kids, stop expanding our cities, stop growing, etc.

After that didn’t convince enough people to surrender their lives to Big Government, the left moved on to “global cooling.” A couple of years’ worth of unseasonably cold weather and Americans were being inundated with ‘science’ proving that our modern lives were causing the planet’s weather patterns to ‘cool’ and we were headed for another Ice Age.

Next, it was “global warming” — because we had some years where our weather patterns were unseasonably warm (though no more so than conditions earlier in the 20th century and even as far back as the 18th century.

When global warming failed to convince, then the left changed their language and wording again to “climate change.” Who could argue with that? The climate was always changing, only now, it is being altered by cattle methane, SUVs, and Republicans who support Donald Trump.

Literally everything has been blamed on climate change; the condition is pervasive, you see (say the “scientists”) so naturally, everything bad that happens is caused by “climate change.”

Like the collapse of the condo building in Florida last week. Yes, that, too, was “climate change,” according to the moron Joe Biden chose as his energy secretary.

The New York Post reports:

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm suggested that climate change could have played a role in the deadly collapse of a Florida condo tower — and was ripped by experts and online critics alike for the “ghoulish” opinion.

During an interview Tuesday on CNN, Granholm was asked whether climate change may have contributed to the partial collapse of the Champlain Towers South in Surfside, where 149 people remain missing and 12 deaths have been confirmed, Fox News reported.

“Obviously, we don’t know fully, but we do know that the seas are rising. We know that we’re losing inches and inches of beaches, not just in Florida but all around,” Granholm said.

“Michigan, where I’m from, we’ve seen the loss of beaches because the waters are rising, so this is a phenomenon that will continue,” she added.

She’s being more than simply disingenuous; she’s being flat-out dishonest.

Who says? Oh, only a real climate scientist — who’s not a conservative, by the way, let alone a cattle-farming Trump supporter.

Dr. Steve Koonin, who served as undersecretary of Energy for Science from 2009-2011 (under Obama) and is currently the director of the Center for Urban Science and Progress at New York University, told Fox News‘ Tucker Carlson in June that all of this nonsense about how climate change threatens to doom the planet is patently false drivel that is being pushed by a corrupt media and lying, pandering, control-freak politicians (nearly all of whom are Democrats like Granholm).

The notion that human activity is causing more floods, droughts and other weather events “is a fiction of the media and the politicians who would like to promote that notion,” said the MIT-educated scholar and author of a recently released book, “Unsettled: What Climate Science Tells Us, What It Doesn’t, and Why It Matters.”

“When you look at the actual data, and what I’ve written in the book is a summary of the data and the official science, as written by the IPC, the UN, and the U.S. government, there are no detectable human influences on hurricanes over almost a century,” Koonin said.

“The heatwaves in the U.S. are no more common today than they were in 1900, and the warmest temperatures have not gone up in the last 60 years,” the scientist continued.

As for sea levels, yes — they are rising, he said, but only “at the grand level of a foot a century,” adding that levels “are rising the same if you go back 60 years ago.”

Leftists have been trying to scare Americans with planet-ending doom and gloom lies for decades, and it continues today.

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