NZ Whistleblower Who Exposed COVID Jab Mass Deaths Was Raided

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A database administrator who helped the New Zealand government catalog vaccine recipients blew the whistle last week revealing the spike in deaths associated with the Covid-19 jab campaign.

Now, according to reports, that whistleblower has been raided by the New Zealand government.

Journalist Liz Gunn released an official statement explaining how the NZ Ministry of Health whistleblower and an individual working with him have both been raided by police on Sunday.

“I’ve had a call to say that the whistleblower who has put out the crucial information exposing the COVID lies, exposing the information that he had working for the Ministry of Health in New Zealand, has had his house surrounded by police at 2:15pm today,” she said.

“And this I heard ten minutes ago: the second person who backs up that whistleblower and one of the people who contacted me along with the whistleblower has had heard house now surrounded by police.”

“So those two people are no longer available to talk to us and I must put this message out to the world,” Gunn added.

The IT specialist had made the revelations in a recent interview with Gunn, where he discussed how he made the correlation between jabs administered and subsequent deaths.

“When I was looking at the data, which is part of my job, I noticed some discrepancies with the dates of death, people getting people dying within a week of being vaccinated,” the whistleblower told Gunn.

“1 in 4, nearly 1 in 4 that that person is vaccinated is now dead,” Smith confirmed citing the government’s Pfizer batch data.

Alex Jones gave his analysis of the database administrator coming forward to expose the massive spike in deaths associated with the Covid-19 jab campaign:

“This will bring down the globalists. Not just this report, but in inspiring other whistleblowers to go public,” Jones said.

Steve Kirsch joined The Alex Jones Show last week to further break down the data points from the New Zealand whistleblower’s major bombshell exposing mass death from the COVID shots:

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