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This website has grown to well over 4 thousand pages of information and knowledge from many sources. I believe in sharing knowledge to others so that they may use that knowledge to gain more critical thinking skills and to think for themselves. I post information on this website in the hope that people actually come here and take the time to really absorb the information, dwell on it, and then share it with others. I didn’t make this website to be a quick glance over while you are drinking your morning coffee. I made it with the intention of people taking their time exploring it. I also made it so that I could use it as a history record of what is being done to humanity.

You will never win this battle with “feel good instant gratification” websites. Most humans have been conditioned to have a very short attention span. Humans have also been conditioned to run away from anything that makes them feel uncomfortable. If something makes you feel uncomfortable then you need to ask yourself why. Then explore it, face it, and not run away from it. The elites and globalists have created this elaborate web of tools that are used everyday to distract you from actually seeing and understanding the tyranny that is being done to you.

So, this is a reminder that there is a wealth of information contained at wakeupsheeple.net from a lot of sources. Take the time to go back over the past two years worth of documentation to share.

The days of sitting back, watching football and taking it easy is what put us to sleep and made us weak. Those days are over, we are in a war and the mind is the battlefield. No one is riding in on a white horse to save us, We The People must save ourselves. If this makes you angry, then unfortunately you have been conditioned to hate the truth. I don’t sugar coat things and I don’t expect others to sugar coat anything to me as well.

None of this evil is going to go away unless we actually use and share our knowledge with one another.

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