Pharmacist Shocked To Discover Vaccine Inserts are Blank: ‘I Shouldn’t be Giving These Out’

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A pharmacist has a shocking reaction after he opens a Moderna Covid-19 vaccine insert to discover it’s completely blank, in an incredible video circulating on social media.

In the viral footage shot inside a CVS pharmacy, a pharmacist hands a customer a vaccine insert sheet which he asserts contains complete testing and safety data.

After the customer informs the pharmacist the folded paper he just handed her is completely blank, he tells her the information is located within and proceeds to unfold it for her.

As he opens the document, however, the pharmacist instead discovers he’s unfolded a huge sheet of blank paper.

Embarrassed, the pharmacist springs toward a computer claiming he can find the information online, but by this point the jig is up.

Incredibly, upon being confronted by the customer about the lack of informed consent, the pharmacist realizes he’s been lying to customers and owns up to the fraud.

“So, if we don’t know what we’re injecting into ourselves, I don’t understand how that’s informed consent,” the customer points out.

“You’re exactly right and you are correct. I should not be giving these vaccines at all,” the pharmacist agrees.

“Why are you giving them?” the customer presses.

“Because I am…because I am told to and that’s how… because I am told to and… I am told…,” the pharmacist stammers, adding, “And everything I have shown including the patients that I have given it to, it is safe.”

The footage concludes with the pharmacist apologizing and admitting he has no scientific studies on which to base his comments, adding he feels “totally inadequate as a pharmacist.”

Back in May, a similar incident was documented in another viral video featuring a pharmacist who unboxed a Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine — only to find the package insert was completely blank.

Clearly, vaccine manufacturers are unconcerned with getting safety and efficacy data, or ingredients information to the public. The question is: why?

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