Prepare To Defend The Freedom To Have Your Own Thoughts

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Just what is an American?  Merriam-Webster gets the fundamentals just right when they said “an American Indian of North America or South America….or inhabitant of North America or South America…. a native or inhabitant of the U.S. ….a U.S. citizen”.  That makes perfect sense because the term American covers all of that, because America is the whole of the Western continents while it also is applied to specific populations within that area as well as specifically to those (citizen or not) residing within the United States of America.  In this discussion we are concerned with the later group, those of us living within the USA and more specifically CITIZENS of this nation.  We are gravely concerned because of the war being waged upon We the American People, has gotten so far out of hand that it will require some very intense work to stem the tide if we are to succeed to live or even stay alive.  It is not just citizens, but more specifically those of us that are molded in the form of the real American tradition being most likely Christian, conservative, abiding the Laws of the Republic that guarantees our Liberty (the US constitution specifically) and working hard to improve our situations and raise decent families as God intended us to do.  The current anti-American regime infesting our nation is working as hard as they can to destroy just that, and all of us in the process.The American Academy of Arts and Sciences put it nicely when they narrowed it down further, quoting the historian Phillip Gleason when he said “To be or to become an American, a person did not have to be any particular national, linguistic, religious, or ethnic background. All he had to do was to commit himself to the political ideology centered on the abstract ideals of liberty, equality, and republicanism. Thus the universalist ideological character of American nationality meant that it was open to anyone who willed to become an American.” Emphasis is mine to highlight the specific cause of Liberty. That term is the focus of today’s column and the war the enemies of Liberty are making on We the American People.

 A recent story in American Free Press illustrates well that it is not just we Americans that are in big trouble, but free thinking peoples the world over as the former New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden shows just what the evil satanic orders trying to govern this world and more specific to us, the United States when she said that the freedom of thought and speech on the various social media platforms was itself a weapon of war and must be fought by demanding that they regulate the “mis- and disinformation” as they term Freedom of Speech and the God given Right to think as you see fit to fight those of us that do not believe in the fake war on climate, the fake pandemics that allow bio-weapons to be used on the general public, the mass money laundering, human trafficking, bio weapon labs, human organ harvesting and military industrial complex profit making wars such as the current on in Ukraine, and so on. That article illustrates her saying that “she urged a coordinated global response to suppress this alleged threat, which would “require the same level of action and activity that we put into the weapons of old….. She noted that the globalist elites have “new tools” to overcome this new “weapon of war” and that a “collective conviction” and “collective will” is needed to control free speech.”  That begins with controlling your thoughts and thought control is the most insidious form of repressive slavery to the state that exists.  And please realize that “hate speech” laws are exactly that; laws controlling what you think rather than what laws you break.

What is so chilling is to hear Ardern express her fealty to free speech as she calls on the nations of the world to severely curtail it to prevent people from undermining their policies and priorities,” Jonathan Turley, a leading Constitutional attorney, recently noted in response to Ardern’s speech. “She remains the ‘empathetic’ face of raw censorship and intolerance. She is now the virtual ambassador-at-large for global speech regulation and criminalization.”

And that is only one example of the hate of Liberty so prevalent in this world; let’s look at a few more examples to illustrate the very widespread affliction of so-called leaders that have the mental diseases of Cluster B Personality Disorder that is endemic to the world’s leadership whether governmental, corporate or criminal.  The three cluster types or groupings of personality disorders are A, paranoid, schizoid, schizotypal; B, antisocial, borderline, histrionic, narcissistic; and C, avoidant, dependent, obsessive-compulsive.  Many also incorporate parts of Cluster A and Cluster C, but it is Cluster B that is so prevalent in political and military leadership mindsets; not in just today’s world, but present in all historical records throughout our known world.  Not mentioned in those clusters are perhaps the most common mental illness (actually far more likely a spiritual illness) and that is Psychosis and outright insanity, often syphilitic insanity along with the sociopath tendencies that go along with those as well as outright psychopath traits. 

Case in point; “Hillary Clinton suggests ‘formal deprogramming’ of Donald Trump ‘cult members’”.  That headline was taken from a Blaze story, but very similar headlines abound in the current news systems whether pro or anti liberty.  Continuing on with that story, “During a Thursday interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, Clinton discussed her views regarding Trump and the Republican Party, noting she believes — pointing to Republicans who recently voted to keep the government open — there’s “clearly a common-sense, sane part of the Republican caucus in the House.”  She is referring, of course, to the RINO’s that voted with the Communist Dems who think bankrupting this nation is a fine business to engage in.   She mentioned her supposed view that there is a “little tail of extremists” that “sadly, so many of those extremists — those MAGA extremists — take their marching orders from Donald Trump, who has no credibility left by any measure.”  I have to assume that she does indeed realize that the “little tail” she speaks of is actually the majority of American Citizens (including a huge number of her own party), but that would defeat her propaganda and lies.  Her idea of “deprogramming cult members” of the MAGA side of reality is just exactly what the New Zealand ex-PM was speaking about; we cannot have people thinking anything but what we demand they think and speak about in the exact fashion we mandate they think.

ANP Emergency Fundraiser: The globalists war on ANP is all part of the globalists ‘Big Tech’ effort to silence conservative and independent voices, allowing them to maintain a monopoly on the flow of information. As George Orwell made clear to us decades ago, “The further a society drifts from the truth, the more they will hate those who speak it.” But, with your amazing help, we at ANP promise to keep ‘speaking truth to power’ because, as Orwell also reminded us, “If liberty means anything at all it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.” 

It is not just that horrible real world witch that is the mouth of that idea, but the criminal agency called the FBI has enshrined it in creating a new category to describe their idea of “enemies” they refer to as the MAGA Extremist Category.  The whole idea behind this is to destroy Trumps chances of winning yet again.  The massive voter fraud they engaged in 2020 is small in comparison to what they are doing now.  A recent Zero Hedge article said ““The FBI is in an almost impossible position,” a current FBI official told Arkin, who added that the agency’s stated intent is stopping a repeat of January 6th type incidents (which was riddled with feds), while balancing the Constitutional right of Americans to protest the government “Especially at a time when the White House is facing Congressional Republican opposition claiming that the Biden administration has ‘weaponized’ the Bureau against the right wing, it has to tread very carefully,” Yeh, about that January 6th idea, that was a complete setup, a totally fake thing with all of the so-called insurrectionist stunts pulled BY THE FBI and Capitol Police, much of it employing Antifa, to make it look like the peaceful protests of the democrat falsified election results that kept Donald J Trump out of the Whitehouse for his legally and massively won victory was somehow the problem, when in reality it was yet another false flag event staged by the enemies of this United States of America.  That is an act of Treason and must never be forgotten.

That is so much like the insufferable lackwit Justin Trudeau and his fiasco praising a Nazi war criminal recently with the oft repeated back tracking when the thinking peoples realized his idiocy and called him out on it.  But America has its own Nazis on parade.  Remember that NAZI stands for National Socialist Party and is no different in operation, minus a few little theoretical twists, than full blown Communist dictatorship.  You do know, do you not, that there has NEVER been a true “communist” government; they have all been absolute dictatorships that operate no differently than the Nazi regimes that have murdered millions just like the communists have done and continue to do.  For all practical purposes, they are one and the same thing remembering that even Hitler was a Communist before he was a Socialist, the differences being mostly a moot discussion. 

Lew Rockwell published a story on just that titled “Nazi World Order” where the author, Alexandra Bruce, stated correctly that “the shocking infiltration of the Sinaloa drug cartel into US politics and other US institutions…. with overwhelming evidence that many Arizona politicians have been corrupted by Sinaloa drug cartel money, including Governor Katie Hobbs, who was found, together with her husband to have been laundering Sinaloa Cartel money through fake deeds and mortgages since 1997 and as recently as September 2022.”   Sounds just like our own CIA and federal officials including the “you know, the thing” that infests our White House presently.  It appears that the majority of our government is involved in one way or another in some massive immoral and insane criminal enterprise with many agencies seemingly invented for just that purpose. Drug and human trafficking have been the lifeblood of the Deep State for centuries, it is not new phenomena but more refined with modern techniques and systems of operation.

Just as importantly, cocaine, heroin and other drugs were weaponized to destroy America. It could be said that the Nazis are the founders of the same illicit international cocaine trade that has morphed into this leviathan that is now perched to devour our country whole, with over 100,000 Americans dying annually from fentanyl poisoning, as we send hundreds of billions of US taxpayer money to finance the Nazis in Ukraine and as the Canadian Parliament gives standing ovations to a former officer of the Nazi Waffen-SS.”  Take note of that idea and remember that so many of those original German Nazi’s were smuggled into the US along with those (supposedly including Hitler himself) into South America and work together to take full control of our nation and our nations illicit activates.  They are directly connected.  The first 12 minutes of the second video below covers parts of this idea nicely.

Newsweek covered the criminalization of being a Free Thinking real, actual American with this headline; “Donald Trump Followers Targeted by FBI as 2024 Election Nears” and the Geller Report noted that “America’s most powerful law enforcement agency has turned its guns on its own citizens – those who love the country….. FBI is going to make up reasons to harass, intimidate, and even arrest anyone who professes that they are going to vote for Trump, no matter how tepid their support may be. This isn’t really just about the MAGA faithful; it’s about any Republican, Independent, or moderate Democrat who wants to get this Constitution-hating regime out of Washington.”  It is so bad that they said “These types of cases don’t have to involve ANY allegations of violence nor do they require anyone to engage in a criminal act. Simply citing Patrick Henry or other Founding Fathers’ intense rhetorical speech could trigger this type of “violent extremist” tag.”  Got that?  The FBI is not just making war upon the Liberties and free thought and expression GUARANTEED by our Constitutional laws but also upon the most basic Liberties that our Creator has endowed us with.  Vote for who they mandate or be branded as a traitor.  That cannot go challenged without a real fight in some manner or the other.  This is entirely unacceptable in any way, shape or form.

As it is, Trump represents what the old, the original; the real America as it was before the communist party more commonly known now as the democrat party came into power.  The revolution against the first principles of our Constitution and our Creator are in full swing and you will not be allowed to think as you will to think because it has been forbidden by the evil satanic entities that are in power now and want to control our very will. 

We’re In The Middle Of A Revolution” – Victor Davis Hanson Warns Tucker: “The Next 12 Months Will Be The Most Explosive In History

Take that headline seriously, as it is the truth.  “It’s hard for most Americans to comprehend the total dishonesty of American liberalism.”  Victor David Hanson “says Trump represents a significant threat to the specific vision held by liberals, who are employing a “critical legal theory,” in which traditional moral values are abandoned in favor of whatever gains power.”  “Liberals are now telling us they plan to protect American democracy and that’s the clearest possible sign that they intend to end it.”  “I think they’ve come to the conclusion that Trump is an existential threat and by association, half the country is to their vision of what they want to transform us into, and so they feel that whatever means necessary are justified.”  Those quotes are the same things said before other major civil wars the world over that killed of many millions of people under evil regimes.  Take them very seriously as history proves them correct.

It is not all lost, as there are white hats in our military that are working to change those things because they also love our Nation and our Liberty and our God.  The first video below shows a bit about what is being done, and allows a pathway for the truth go get out.  No wonder they are planning on killing any attempts to tell the truth about anything anymore.  It is supposedly Trump who instigated the Space Force to spy on the traitorous left and hold proof that they killed our Constitutional rights of selecting our leaders by faked voting results.  There is a whole lot more to this story, but I will let this video cover what needs to be said for now.  Just keep in mind that Space Force = Guardians and that Guardians = Guard the Vote – and that is most important to understand.  No wonder they are doing whatever they think they can get away with to stop anyone from voting for Trump or even talking about him.  No, I am not saying Trump is a perfect hero, but he does represent the old values, the old America that we grew up with that I love so much and that this Nation Under God was founded upon as opposed to the purely satanic evil that the other side worships.

God Bless

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