Public Not Buying Claim Thousands of Cattle Dying From “Climate Change”

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It’s hotter in Texas than it is in Kansas, but the cows aren’t dying in Texas en mass from the temperature alone

A message from Alex Jones: We’ve had cattle in East Texas for over 150 years in a region that routinely sees over 100 degree weather. So this notion that cows are dropping dead due to just the heat alone is absolutely ridiculous and preposterous.

Cattle, just like water buffaloes in Africa, are used to and routinely live in tropical heat. In fact, cattle are generally more at risk during freezing temperatures, as ranchers in Nebraska and other northern states know.

Typically, when a Blue Norther hits a state like Nebraska during the winter, ranchers are forced to corral their herds into barns for shelter from the cold and ice.

The temperature alone does not kill them like this en masse.

This mysterious death of cows comes right as food facilities are mysteriously blowing up across the country.

The public isn’t buying the claim that thousands of cattle died in Kansas due to “climate change” or “global warming.”

A TikTok video reportedly show dead cattle lined up in Kansas, the caption of which stated it wasn’t “overly hot.”

Another report states that it was filmed outside a feed lot in Southwest Kansas.

In general, heat and humidity do not kill cattle – herds in Arizona and Texas routinely experience hotter temperatures than the heat wave in Kansas – so the deaths of thousands of cattle has prompted speculation from netizens.

One theory is that a rapid change in temperature – and not necessarily the temperature itself – poses a risk to stressed-out, fattened feed lot cattle, whose bodies are already undergoing shock.

It was reported that the region just experienced a sudden swing in temperature from 80 degrees to over 100 in a single day after a thunderstorm.

Temperatures reached 103 degrees in Dodge City, Kansas, on June `16, which is hot for the region but not unheard of in the Texas summer year after year, and Texas cattle survive just fine.

Others believe that the cattle could have been poisoned, or that the deaths are related to the mysterious fires at several food processing plants across the country:

But one of the least popular theories is that the cattle died due to “global warming,” which was being pushed on Twitter:

In response, one netizen pointed out that if just the temperature alone was the cause, there’d be thousands of cows already dead in Texas:

People are skeptical when they’re told that cattle are dying from simply high heat – and they certainly have a right to question it, especially when that narrative is being used to push a political narrative such as “climate change” which will have drastic consequences on their way of life.

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