Publix Pharmacies Refuse to Offer Covid Vaccines to Children Under Age 5

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Representative said company would not offer jab at its more than 1,200 stores to children under 5 ‘at this time,’ adding they would not issue a formal statement on the decision.

Florida-based grocery chain Publix says it will not issue Covid jabs to children younger than 5, despite an announcement by the CDC last week recommending the jab for children aged 6-months and older.

A representative for Publix on Wednesday said the company would not offer the jab at its more than 1,200 stores to children under 5 “at this time,” adding they would not be issuing a formal statement on the decision.

The Tampa Bay Times said it spoke with a mother who’d scheduled an appointment at a Publix to have her 3-year-old jabbed, but she later received a phone call telling her “that her chosen location was not authorized to vaccinate children under 5.”

The company’s decision comes as the CDC last week issued a recommendation approving the jab for children 6-months-old and older, claiming it helps parents “better protect them from COVID-19.”

The Florida grocer’s new policy also follows state Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Lapado’s announcement in March advising parents against getting youngsters jabbed, saying it provides no benefit to healthy children.

The retailer, Florida’s largest employee-owned grocery chain, reportedly distributed hundreds of thousands of Covid vaccines back in early 2021 when tapped by Governor Ron DeSantis (R) to lead the state’s vaccination effort.

The Times reports the company is still offering flu shots for children as young as 6 months old.

Meanwhile, many including the UK’s Daily Mail are questioning the grounds on which the jab was approved for youngsters, considering Pfizer based its approval on research that only studied three children, not to mention the fact Moderna has admitted its jab is only 37% effective.

“We should just assume that we don’t have efficacy data,” Drexel University College of Medicine pediatrics professor Sarah Long admitted to the New York Times last week.

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