Sheila Jackson-Lee demands a national gun ownership database

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Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee (D-Tex.) is proposing new legislation that would create a national database of who owns firearms and how many they own. The database would be made public, allowing local criminals to target firearms owners by simply looking up their home address in the government database.

House Resolution 127 was filed earlier this year as a placeholder, but was updated on Jan. 28 to outline how the Attorney General, through the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, would be tasked with establishing “a system for licensing the possession of firearms or ammunition in the United States, and for the registration with the Bureau of each firearm present in the United States.”

Entitled, “The Sabika Shiekh Firearm Licensing and Registration Act,” named after the foreign exchange student who was supposedly killed in a Texas mass shooting, Rep. Jackson-Lee’s proposal would advance the next stages of gun control in the U.S. by tracking everyone who owns them.

Not only would new firearm purchases get logged, but so would all others from the past. If you purchased a gun 10 years ago, for instance, the bill would require you to personally send in a registration form so the federal government knows what you have.

Commenting on the bill, National Shooting Sports Foundation Public Affairs Director Mark Oliva called it a “blunder,” warning that it is a serious affront to the Second Amendment.

“A national firearm registry is against federal law,” Oliva says, though it is important to note that Rep. Jackson-Lee’s bill would change that law.

“Even Rep. Jackson-Lee’s home state of Texas refuses to consider a registry because of the Orwellian gun control incursions on Second Amendment rights. An examination of the bloated and expensive failure of Canada’s attempt at a national registry demonstrates the tremendous blunder this would be.”

Nobody even mildly right of center would be allowed to own guns under this bill

If passed, the bill’s registry would be made publicly available, meaning your neighbors would know exactly how many guns you have and when you purchased or received them.

All federal, state and local law enforcement authorities, along with all branches of the United States Armed Forces and all state and local governments, as defined by the Bureau, would also be given these insights.

No longer would gun ownership be a private affair, in other words. If you own firearms, everyone would know about it, making you a potential target for gun confiscation.

“But really, comrade, we’re not planning to send the Marines to take your guns, or gin up a mob to run you out of town, or just get the local Karens on your HOA to force you out of your home,” jokes Patrick Richardson, writing for Bearing Arms.

Richardson notes that under the bill, a person would have to be at least 21 years old, pass a background check, pass a psychological examination, and have liability insurance in order to purchase a firearm. The liability insurance portion would cost about $800.

“You would even have to have a license to display an antique firearm,” he further notes. “There’s even a separate license for owning a ‘military-style firearm’ that would require jumping through even more hoops.”

As for the psychological evaluation, it would be up to the Attorney General to determine which standards are required to pass. A psychologist would then have the option to evaluate your home, your family and your friends to determine whether or not you are “safe” to own firearms.

“Naturally this is all about public safety and would never be abused, but does anyone honestly think the ‘standards’ set by the AG would allow anyone with a mildly-right-of-center bent to pass the check?” Richardson writes.

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