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The latest episode of the Sheriff Mack Show of Brighteon.TV talks about vaccine mandates and why people should be given the freedom of choice in terms of getting their shots, as opposed to the tyrannical mandates that the Biden administration is pushing.

Republicans call vaccine mandate tyrannical

Many are criticizing President Joe Biden’s vaccine plan for employers, calling it tyrannical.

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee said that he opposes Biden’s plan because he supports individual or business choice. One of the key parts of the president’s proposal requires companies with over 100 employees to require its workers to get vaccinated or show weekly test results to serve as proof that they are negative for COVID-19.

Lee said in a press conference that Biden’s proposal is a “very ill-advised law” and that he thinks it is a bad idea. He later issued a statement that he “won’t allow this power grab and in the meantime, I will stand up for all Tennesseans.”

However, he does believe that the vaccine is the best tool available to fight the pandemic. It is simply the approach that is wrong, and that he is standing united against any federal overreach.

State Representative Jason Zachary said that the president does not have the constitutional authority to force people to put something in their body that is against their will. (Related: Biden goes full tyrant, announces sweeping vaccine mandates rooted in OBEDIENCE, not science.)

Outrage from Republicans has kept the air chilly over the government’s response to the pandemic.

Biden reportedly stated that the COVID-19 vaccination is not about freedom or personal choice, but protecting one’s self and those around them.

Gov. Lee, however, is not convinced. He shared that instead of fighting together, a lot of cynical and divisive edicts came out of the White House by pitting the vaccinated against the unvaccinated, businesses against employees and federal government against states.

When the Food and Drug Administration authorized the use of the first COVID-19 vaccine in December, many celebrated vaccination, but there are others who are less enthusiastic, and for good reason: fears of the vaccine being rushed or experimental is real.

The U.S. is no stranger to anti-vaccination movements, but there are people who are wary about getting the vaccine, despite not being anti-vaccination. Some value liberty above all else, and the vaccine mandates are seen as an intrusion of their personal choice.

David Dunning, a professor of psychology at the University of Michigan said that a lot of people are uncertain rather than hostile. “For a lot of people it’s really about the nuts and bolts of getting the vaccine, rather than any sort of ideological stance,” he said.

Sheriffs reject Biden’s COVID-19 mandates

Elected law enforcement officers have also called the president’s mandates tyrannical, and “unconstitutional government overreach.” The president’s mandates to get vaccinated or submit to regular testing sparked an outcry particularly in sheriffs, many of whom are facing reelection.

Sheriff Mack Show guest Sheriff Chris Brown of Arkansas also says that he is willing to uphold the U.S. Constitution and won’t enforce such mandates. The pushback from sheriffs coincides with calls from GOP governors to fight the president’s order.

Sheriff Tim Ryals in Faulkner County, Arkansas, said that the mandate is “truly an attempt of tyranny with such an overreach of authority.”

“It is in that defense and the defense of individual liberty that the Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office will not mandate the COVID vaccine for any of our employees nor will we enforce any such mandate in Faulkner County,” he added.

Organizations representing firefighters and police officers wrote a letter in defiance of a possible vaccine mandate for city workers in Charlotte, North Carolina. There is also pushback from police unions in Chicago and Richmond, Virginia. In Portland, Oregon, members managed to exempt themselves from a city vaccine mandate, as well.

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