Should all organ donations by vaccinated people be HALTED due to protein-prion contamination and nanoparticle clots?

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Organ transplantation remains one of the only effective therapies for end-stage organ failure, all hinged on the supply of organs of very high quality. Modern transplant services have come a long way in the past 40 ‘clinical’ years, including the powerful effects of cooling that helps stave off biological deterioration.

Popular vital organ transplants include kidney or pancreas for diabetes, lungs for cystic fibrosis or COPD, the liver for cirrhosis, and the heart due to disease or failure. Surgeons have performed more than 35,000 organ transplants yearly, on average, over the past three years (setting new records).

More than 100,000 people are awaiting organ transplants in America right now, according to the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS). Here comes the bad news. Researchers in Germany just performed the world’s first autopsy on a COVID-vaccinated corpse and discovered that EVERY organ of the man was polluted and infested with spike proteins from the vaccine.

That begs the question: Is every COVID-vaccinated human now unfit to donate any organs, ever again, whether alive or dead?

Autopsy shows protein prions in his brain, cleansing organs, and spread throughout his blood vessels

The FDA is reeling, trying to cover up the real damage that’s being done to the organs and blood of the Covid vaccinated. The “emergency use only” Covid jabs are depositing and/or creating trillions of microscopic blood clots in human capillaries, rendering nearly every “vaccinated” organ useless for organ donations for people who are dying to find transplants, literally.

The autopsy of the 86-year-old man, who got a Covid jab one month before his death, is suspected to have died from the vaccine spike proteins that overwhelmed his cleansing organs, leaving trillions of nanoparticles (genetically modified viral RNA) clogging up his blood, severely restricting the flow oxygen and nutrients to his body.

The elderly man, now just an mRNA vaccine-victim statistic, already had cancer and other ailments breaking down his system, and the COVID prion injection proved to be a trillion tiny “nails in his coffin.” The post-mortem study was published in the International Journal of Infectious Diseases.

No human whose blood vessels are polluted with trillions of viral protein fragments is fit to donate their organs to anyone, ever again, according to this autopsy. In other words, the Covid vaccine, not Covid-19, is rendering the human body a toxic waste dump that can never cleanse itself, or be cleansed of, these protein prions that the toxic Covid shots either inject by payload (J&J) or instruct your body to create, by mRNA “Trojan Horse” gene manipulation (Moderna and Pfizer jabs). The upcoming “booster shots” will only escalate the chronic damage and health detriment already being done by vaccines.

Are Covid-vaccine polluted organs UNFIT for donations to anyone, ever?

If Covid-vaccine-polluted organs are not fit for donations, what will happen to the 35,000 organ transplant recipients next year if their new organs come from a toxic, polluted body that’s full of blood-clogging protein prions? The biggest problem is that no one can ever “undo” the Covid vaccines. The cloned viral fragments are sticky and stick to the insides of blood vessels, including the arteries, veins and capillaries, everywhere. No surgery can fix this. There’s no scraping them out, or thinning them out with blood thinner poison. It’s permanent and it’s toxic to the organs, and anyone who might receive them as a substitute for their own failing organs.

Will there be a flood of new organ failure victims from the vaccines, and a drought of available clean organs for transplantation, all because of the China Flu jabs? Only time will tell, but the autopsy is based on science, where Covid vaccine “efficacy” is not. Forget about safety when it comes to Covid vaccines, because the CDC and FDA threw that out the window years ago.

Let your fingers do the “walking” and click on for updates on the freaky globalists committing crimes against humanity with those spike-protein-bioweapons disguised as “vaccines.”

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